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Our Mission is to create, preserve, and relive everyone's best moments by delivering uncomprimising quality, continually innovating and serving all people with excellence and transparency
Preserving lifetime memories of your wedding day after the music has stopped, the party has ended and the flowers have wilted. Everyone has a story to tell, this is ours. We began as a full-service commercial production firm. As we grew & became successful, we had couples approach us to film & photograph their weddings. All it took was one wedding and we fell in love! We bring our talented, award winning team, shooting expertise, unobtrusive style & creative vision to your wedding. This allows us to create hand-crafted one of a kind films and photos that uniquely tell your wedding day story. Aerial footage (drone) & specialty filming equipment is included in all of our videography packages. Ask about our bundle photography & videography packages.
Yours Truly media
  • Amy - Co Founder & CEO

    Born and raised in Southern California Amy loves spending time with her family and new baby girl. She's obsessed with sweets. Amy is passionate about helping couples capture the memories of their wedding day to share with their family & friends and future children :) she loves getting to know her couples in a personal way and always enjoys hearing their love stories.

    Fun Facts about Amy
    • She really, really loves candy
    • Watches Peppa Pig with her baby girl every night
    • She is proficient in American Sign Language
    • She enjoys inspiring fellow ladies on the path of Entrepreneurship
  • Paul - Co Founder & President

    As President, Paul does business stuff and is also an award-winning cinematographer. He’s best described by other team members as being Fun & Focused. Fun in the sense, that he is passionate and always having a good time while maintaining the proper focus to make sure clients not only get the best creative work, but also enjoy their day and get everything on time. Paul has been married for 8 years to Amy and they have a daughter. When Paul is not at YTM, he’s usually at the track in one of his sports cars.

    Fun Facts about Paul
    • Met Amy at a Dry Cleaners she worked at and she Prank called him (that’s how they met)
    • Is a former Racing Instructor and has taught numerous celebrities
    • Competively races in Porsche Owner's Club in a heavily modified GT4 Boxster
    • Took him 20 Months to complete his Undergrad in Business as well his MBA
    • Owns other small businesses and loves to employ people
    • Made his first video after he could not find a reliable and creative videographer…its still playing somewhere on the internet.
  • Mark - General Manager

    Mark is native to Orange County & enjoys all that it has to offer. His ten years of sales and management experience has led him to where he is today at Yours Truly Media. Mark has been married for nearly four years! He and his wife enjoy traveling and going to the beach together as often as they can.

    Fun Facts about Mark
    • Got engaged on the Great Wall of China
    • Enjoys traveling: Has been to Hong Kong, China, Thailand & Israel
    • Currently plays Basketball & Softball
    • Achieved a Bachelor’s & a Master’s degree
  • Joe - Operations Manager

    Joe is an adventurer at heart. He loves to explore new cultures, cuisines and places. Often called Joe-it-all, he loves random fun facts and likes to share them with fellow team members and the world. Outside of YTM, you can find Joe sailing the ocean in Southern California, hiking around the Santa Monica and San Gabriel Mountains, or Trying out some new and exciting restaurant! As Operations Manager, he's responsible for ensuring all weddings are completed and executes all expansion intiativies.

    Fun Facts about Joe
    • Has been to 167 countries (and counting!)
    • Has has been on a few Movies and TV shows
    • Is a licensed race car driver with the SCCA and NASA
    • Is a drone and recreational pilot
    • Likes to make faces at the camera
  • Andrew - Post Production Manager

    As Post-Production Manager, Andrew makes sure that all Final Photos and Videos delivered to our couples have the Yours Truly Media stamp of Approval. After recently getting married to the best wife he could ask for, he has a newfound respect for all married couples and a renewed passion for wedding videography.

    Fun Facts about Andrew
    • Likes his coffee black, his whiskey neat, and his desk messy
    • Is an extreme extravert which annoys his extremely introverted wife
    • Hasn’t had a haircut in 12 years (from anyone else) and is a part-time barber
    • Is a reformed gym addict
    • His jokes are so lame, he puts the pun in punish
  • Hayden - Post-Production Supervisor - Quality Control Video

    A Native of Alabama, Hayden and his wife packed up everything to move to California to pursue his dream of becoming a film maker. Due to his immense skill for editing precision, He oversees and approves all videos before they're sent to the client ensuring they have the Yours Truly Media stamp of approval.

    Fun Facts about Hayden
    • Worked very hard to eliminate his "Southern" accent...he sounds Californian now
    • Showed up to his interview with a suit and tie on... We all thought he was a lawyer here to serve us...
    • Is Andrew's Man Crush Monday... Every Monday
  • Chris - Production Supervisor

    Calm and collected, Chris is the definition of a working machine. He gives it all to every project he's involved in and loves to shoot with the intent of pulling the best out of people. He currently oversees and trains all of our cinematographers.

    Fun Facts about Chris
    • Loves Muscle Maker Grill
    • Enjoys Traveling and has amazing shots of his Journeys
    • Likes you if he responds with more than three words
    • Office thinks he's secretly working for the CIA because of his Mysterious nature
  • Victor - Lead Cinematographer

    As a cinematographer, Victor always found capturing special moments as a story visually expressing emotions. Creating that "awe" or "wow" moment can change people's lives and if possible the world. Imagine, visualize and create is the process he follows to turn someone's meaningful day into a cinematic work of art.

    Fun Facts about Victor
    • Used to spell Saturday, "Sathurday," Ocassionally still does for fun
    • Plays multiple musical instruments, Has a soft spot for the Saxophone
    • Most importantly: enthusiasm
    • Loves playing any sport, especially football and basketball.
    • Can't dance to save his life, but will, to entertain
  • Maria - Lead Photographer

    Maria is passionate about couples and their wedding day. She is always appreciative that they allow us to take part and capture one of life’s special moments! She loves every part of what she does and always strives for perfection in every shot, capturing every precious candid moment, and unexpected emotions on their big day!

    Fun Facts about Maria
    • Grew up in the Philippines
    • Really loves sweets, especially Ice Cream
    • is not only a great photographer, but an incredible videographer as well
    • Did we mention she loves Ice Cream?
  • Kiara - Marketing Assistant

    Kiara loves hearing the love stories of our couples! She has a passion for business and marketing, and hopes to integrate love and weddings into this industry. She appreciates the finer things in life and is always up to trying new things. When she is not working, you can find her with some wine and a book.

    Fun Facts about Kiara
    • Used to be a cheerleader and dancer
    • Prefers tea over coffee
    • " Never has a bad hair day"
    • Really likes snacks
  • Arty - Production Assistant

    Arty was born in Hollwood, CA. Anything Arty does is to his best abilities. He is passionate in everything he does, and he loves to film and edit videos. He loves to make people smile! His goal is to capture everyones best moments and to learn.

    Fun Facts about Arty
    • Acts as Kip on Netflix Original series "Word Party"
    • Also answers to "Farty"
    • Loves to Skateboard
    • "Loves to play his guitar
    • Loves adventure

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