The 10 Reasons Why You Need Engagement Photos

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At Yours Truly Media, our wedding photographers know how important your wedding event is, and how capturing it perfectly is something you begin thinking about as soon as you set a date! It is that important. 

However, we also believe the proposal and engagement period set the tone for your wedding event. After all, it is the important next step in your relationship, and one that should be celebrated endlessly, but typically gets overshadowed by the big event.

Let’s face it. The minute you tell people you are engaged, they want to know when you are getting married.

Your engagement shouldn’t be a fleeting moment, which is why we capture this exciting occasion through customized images that tell your love story.

Here’s why we think that is important. 

1. Show Off & Show Out!

Yes! YES! You Are Engaged!

At its core, an engagement is someone telling you they want to love you for the rest of their life and are offering you a ring to tell the world that is true. And you said yes!

If that isn’t worth getting dressed up and shouting from the mountain top for, we don’t know what is.

2. Celebrate this Sincere and Beautiful Milestone.

Getting engaged is a milestone that has been building from your first date. This is a huge deal!

Engagement photos capture a special time in your life when you are madly in love and taking the next steps to build your life together. This is different than showing off. This is the genuine look in your eyes that your love story is about to take flight.

Our wedding photographers will be the first to tell you, this journey is going to start moving swiftly, so it will be nice to look back on this special photography session that shows the excitement you share while looking your best.

3. Embrace Your Creative Style.  

Engagement photos are the perfect opportunity to inspire each other’s creativity.

These pictures will genuinely reflect you, your love, and the things you love, expressing those thousand words everyone is always talking about.

Your engagement photos are a more authentic reflection of your relationship and can capture it in a stylized approach or in a natural element. The choice, including where and when you schedule your session, is completely up to you two.  

4. Swagger? Yes, Please!

Engagement photos give you the latitude to explore your swagger. Is there a hairstyle you have always wanted to try? Are you considering a new makeup technique? Would you like to experiment with professional stylists?

A wardrobe change, heels you may have never worn, and even fun fashion your groom would have passed on a week ago all become viable options for an engagement photoshoot.

Just show us what you’ve got, and we’ll capture it brilliantly.

5. Build Confidence.

Along with that swagger comes confidence.

Engagement photos allow you to lighten up and enjoy the moment while finding your inner celebrity and showing him/her off for the camera. There are going to be a lot more pictures where these came from, so now is the time to loosen up for the camera.

6. Bond with Your Person.

Our wedding photographers are never as surprised as our subjects are when engagement photo sessions become unexpected bonding activities.

This incredible start to your life’s journey is a great opportunity for just the two of you to be a team who is focusing on one another.

7. Live in the Moment.

Being engaged is a time of transition, but one that moves quickly as you begin planning the details of your wedding. It is important to enjoy this time and preserve the memories of your engagement by living in the moment and cherishing your connection.

8. All the Wedding Collateral.

While your engagement is in full swing, you are going to need photos for everything from your save the dates and wedding registry profile picture to gifts for parents and your personal frames at home.  

With engagement photos, you will have several options to choose from and can pick a different pose or image for each need — including your new social media profiles.

9. You Will Learn Your Angles and How to Pose.

If you have ever had professional pictures taken, you know that even the most natural-looking photos are perfectly posed.

This is just a fact of life (and photography). So is the fact that posing can feel extremely awkward.

The upside is, angles, lighting, and poses allow the photographer to capture your physical beauty in the best way possible, so you both look incredible. The more you know about framing, angles, and poses, the more prepared you will be for your wedding photography.

10. Get to Know Your Photographer.

Getting to know your wedding photographer is one of the major benefits of having engagement photos taken. This photoshoot also allows your wedding photographer to get to know you. This allows you to collaborate about styles, what is important to you, and what your expectations are for this photoshoot, and those to come. 

This comfort level allows your wedding photographer to capture the best of your wedding event long before it arrives.

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