Airborne Adventures of an Aviation Wedding

Bride And Groom Cutting Their Aviation Themed Wedding Cake.

Airborne Adventures of an Aviation Wedding

Decorations are a form of self-expression that gives people a chance to express their interests in a visually creative way. When someone spends months planning a wedding, the decorations, location, food, and attire all work together to help tell the story of the couple and the shared interests that brought them together. Throughout our vast wedding experience, nowhere was this clearer than at Bryan and Julie’s aviation-themed wedding at Hangar 21 in Fullerton, CA.


Upon arrival, guests were greeted by engagement photos carried on the wings of adorable tiny airplanes. With an aviation wedding theme that utilized deep hues of red and rustic wood, these mini wooden airplanes soaring across a wire mesh frame atop a rustic wooden tripod set the tone from the moment guests landed in the reception hall.

An Aviation Themed Wedding Welcome Table Using Vintage Suitcases.

Having a love for travel (which is often synchronistic with a love of aviation), B + J streamlined the honeymoon packing process by enlisting the help of their guests to assist in packing up their well wishes, placing them into vintage suitcases. An open suitcase with an inviting aroma, courtesy of a bouquet of roses, encouraged guests to place their cards directly into the vintage luggage. At the end of the night, all the happy couple needed to do was snap up their suitcases and they were ready to take to the air (for their honeymoon)!

Aviation Themed Wedding Favors.

If anyone was still in doubt about the origins of B + J’s love story, the wedding favors that guests took home at the end of the night left little room for error, spelling it out in the trailing exhaust of a cartoon plane. Sticking to their aviation theme in both color and design, this quote – both cute and descriptive – was printed on a deep red koozie and accompanied by Hershey Kisses that were secured by a plain black ribbon, reminiscent of the black ties worn by pilots.

A Bride And Groom Depart By Helicopter For Their Aviation Wedding Themed Grand Exit.

Then, to top it all off, Bryan and Julie made their departure in as grand of an exit as a newlywed couple could hope for. All the décor of the night came to a breathtaking peak when they took to the air in a literal whirlwind of excitement, brought forth by the powerful rotors of their own private helicopter!



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