How Grooms Are Stepping Up Their Wedding Day Attire

Groom Wearing A Deep Red Tuxedo, A Pink Bow Tie And A Boutonniere With Twine Shaped Like A Cigar.

How Grooms Are Stepping Up Their Wedding Day Attire

Gone are the days where the only option for a groom on his wedding day was a classic black tuxedo. As the fashion focus shifts to highlighting the couple’s personal style, grooms are being encouraged to go outside the box and make a statement in bolder wedding attire. By incorporating the most fashion-forward elements into your groom attire for your 2020 wedding, both you and the bride will be dropping jaws when you make your grand arrival.

Not Just Another Groomsman     

The beauty of uniformity is that it naturally shines a spotlight on diversity. Brides and their bridesmaids have been using this trick for decades to allow the bride’s wedding gown to really pop on her big day. Now the same can be said for grooms! Instead of blending in with your groomsman, stand proudly at the head of your party, easily identifiable as the man of the hour. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to throw uniformity out of the window. Sporting a suit of the same color family with a slightly different shade, a 3-piece instead of a 2-piece, or putting a personal touch on your accessories are all great ways to stand out on your big day.

Groom In A Navy Tuxedo Adjusting His Sleeve, Sporting Gold Cuff Links.

Mix and Match Fabrics 

Grooms are now starting to realize that the customizable options for their wedding attire are even more flexible than their brides. The jacket, undershirt, tie, pants, etc. all provide opportunities to flaunt some personal flair. One of the most stylish trends of late 2019 and set to keep pace in 2020 is mixing and matching fabrics. A tweed waistcoat, a velvet suit jacket, black jeans instead of dress pants. Customizing your outfit based on fabrics is one of the best ways to find the perfect balance of formal and casual to fit your ideal presentation. Even something as simple as donning a pair of velvet loafers with a classic tux can elevate your wedding fashion game from traditional to red carpet.

Skull Shaped Cuff Links With Bright Blue Eyes And A Day Of The Day Design.

Colors Colors Everywhere

The introduction of various fabrics into groom attire comes with the added benefit of providing more options for colors. A velvet suit in emerald or burgundy or a linen suit in jewel tones can look even more dashing than a standard black suit. If you’ve taken the advice above and decided to mix and match your fabrics, don’t be afraid to choose different colors for each fabric as well. A plaid waistcoat can look incredible under a solid colored jacket. To make your wedding colors really pop, consider a neutral suit with the addition of vibrant colors to your tie, pocket square, and socks.

Slim Fit Suits

Tradition sometimes feels like a box, which is no wonder when considering that traditional suits and tuxedos often have a very boxy shape to them! Bring your tuxedo style into 2020 by avoiding the boxy look in favor of a slim fit suit. The additional tapering and form-fitting appearance provide a more tailored look, which can make a reasonably priced suit feel extravagant.

A Stylish Pair Of Brown Wedding Shoes, Matching Brown Watch, And A Pink Bow Tie.

The Second Look

Even if you’re set on a more traditional style for the ceremony, this trending event will give you a second chance to show off your style. The second look was previously reserved for brides to change attire during the reception, but now grooms are welcome to take the same intermission and return looking more dapper than ever. Since the formal activities are out of the way this is the perfect opportunity for a colorful dinner jacket, monogrammed loafers, and custom accessories. Impress your guests with your eye for fashion and make sure to give them a taste of your personal flavor.

A Stylish Groom In Cream Colored Tuxedo, High-Fiving His Best Man.

Express Yourself

You can tell a lot about a person by the clothes they wear, so give your guests a visual representation of what makes you and your bride the perfect couple. Radiate confidence and express who you are by showing up to your wedding in the most stylish groom attire your guests have ever seen.

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