How Long is a Wedding Video?

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How Long is a Wedding Video?

At Yours Truly Media, we love to answer all types of wedding questions from our prospective Forever Couples.  One of many of the inquiries we receive is, “How long is a wedding video?” The answer? It depends.  To be clear, each wedding videographer should customize your wedding video options, so the finished length reflects your budget, how many scenes you want to be captured, and the overall events that occur.  Forever Couples can choose one or more wedding videography options that fit their unique needs based on how they want to record and review one of the most important days of their lives.   That decision becomes much easier when they understand what each wedding videography option entails.  Let’s get started. 

Customize Your Wedding Videography Options

Wedding videography is an incredible way to capture your wedding day in a format that is designed to save, share and relive over and over.  Typically, our wedding videographers will document your important day in its entirety, and edit it into segments based on your customized package choice, including:
  • Highlight
  • Feature
  • Premiere 
Our wedding videographers work tirelessly to understand your style, so we can capture it beautifully for the world to see — in the polished format you choose.  As a bonus, we provide a one-minute Instagram trailer with each package completely free of charge.

What is a Wedding Videography Highlight Reel?

Much like it sounds, your wedding videography highlight reel is going to hit all the dramatic points of the day, in an easy to share video that lasts just long enough to overwhelm the viewer with amazement, joy, and, of course, envy.  
  • How long is the wedding videography highlight reel? Three to four minutes
  • Who sees it? Everyone. Literally. Post it to social media. Share it in emails. Pass it around on your phone. It is short enough to capture the brilliance of your day without feeling staged, so it can be comfortably viewed over and over again. 

What is a Wedding Videography Feature?

Your feature will expand beyond the highlight reel and give both spouses the opportunity to tell the world how they got to the top of the aisle.  Think about the one thing — or all the things! — you want your spouse to know at this very moment. Wedding days evoke so many emotions. And just because you cannot look over and express those feelings to your forever person right now doesn’t mean we can’t capture it in its exceptionally sincere glory for them to see later.   Editing your feature is what brings it to life, as it expounds on the beauty of your wedding day in a still very digestible timeframe. 
  • How long is the wedding videography feature? Five to seven minutes
  • Who sees it? Since it is longer than the highlight reel, the audience with whom you share it should tighten. Think parents, siblings, the wedding party, and loved ones who could not make the ceremony. 

What is a Wedding Videography Premiere?

This is your opportunity to star in your very own premiere, with a supporting cast hand-picked by you and your spouse. From the rehearsal dinner and the bride and groom suites to the wedding ceremony, toasts, reception, and wrap party, we will capture it all in a one to two hour documentary – depending on the length of the wedding – and edit it into a perfectly produced premiere that leaves no detail to chance. Our Premiere Package also includes the five to seven minute Feature film. 
  • How long is the wedding videography premiere? One to two hours depending on your wedding length along with the Feature  video. 
  • Who sees it? Because it is longer, the audience will tighten even more, and should be reserved for small groups. Think parents, the wedding party, and — for the superstars — premiered during a small viewing party. 
If you are looking for a wedding videographer who will capture your most important day in all the most important ways, contact Yours Truly Media to inquire about becoming our next Forever Couple. 



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