Wedding Survival Kit | Things Every Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

Wedding Photography - Wedding Survival Kit - Bride

Wedding Survival Kit | Things Every Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

After all the hard work you’ve put into making your wedding day perfect, it’s sometimes easy to forget the small things during all the excitement. Having photographed countless brides and bridal parties, we’ve created a list of essential items to have packed and ready to go in the days leading up to your wedding that will save you time and stress.

Wedding Photography - Wedding Survival Kit - Wedding Rings

Prior to the Wedding

  • Designate Someone to Check Bride’s Hair and Makeup

Having a designated person to check for any issues like smudged makeup or hair coming undone can be the difference between loving your wedding photos or being unhappy with your makeup mishaps.

  • A List of Must-Have Photos

Trying to coordinate photos in the heat of the moment can be nearly impossible for a busy bride and groom. Keeping a reference list will help your media team ensure all must-have images are captured.

  • Clean Engagement Ring

Wedding photos often include close-ups of the ring. Make sure your ring is sparkling and photo-ready by having it cleaned and polished.

  • Vendor Payment and Tips

With all the deposits you’ve made throughout the planning process, it’s easy to forget there are still payments that need to be completed on the day of. Avoid scrambling to find the checkbook by having your checks and any cash tips prepared in clearly marked envelopes. Assign this to someone in your bridal party, so all your attention remains in the moment.

Wedding Photography - Wedding Survival Kit - Bride And Bridesmaids

Health and Well-being

  • Eat Breakfast

Even with all the wonderful catering, there are few chances for the bride and groom to actually eat during the wedding. Breakfast may need to carry you through the entire day, so plan on a nutritious morning meal.  

  • Water & snacks

Maintain your energy by drinking plenty of water and having small snacks on hand that are easy to eat on the go such as nuts, seeds, or dried fruit.

  • First aid kit

Accidents happen and it’s best to be prepared when they do. Even if there are no major incidents, new formal shoes often cause blisters and a few band-aids can really save the day.

Wedding Photography - Wedding Survival Kit - Things Every Bride Needs On Her Wedding Day

Useful Items

  • Surge protector

With all your bridesmaid getting ready in the same room, it’s unlikely that there will be enough outlets to charge everyone’s devices. Avoid arguments preemptively by packing 1 or 2 surge protectors.   

  • Phone charger

Even with professional photographers present, it’s still nice to capture a few candid photos of your own, which can’t be done with a dead phone.

  • Hanger for your dress

Hanging your dress while getting ready presents a sentimental ambiance within the entire room. As you get ready for your special day, looking up at your gown can be the breath of fresh air you sometimes need.

  • Shoes

Have an extra pair of shoes or flats you can change into before hitting the dance floor. Your feet will thank you for it.

  • Re-usable Straws

Most make-up artists’ final touches include lips. Pack some re-usable straws that you and your bride tribe can use throughout the day, to ensure everyone’s lip stick stays intact!

  • Floss/Toothpicks & Mints

You’ll be taking a lot of pictures and talking to dozens, or even hundreds, of people. Keep those pearly whites shining bright!

  • Travel size tissue packs

To stem the inevitable flow of tears.

  • Overnight bag

Make sure to include the basics – toothbrush, make-up remover, etc. – but don’t forget your morning after outfit! With most of your guests staying at the same hotel, you’ll more than likely run into guests the morning after. Throw on your new “MRS” shirt and jeans, to keep the excitement going.

Wedding Photography - Wedding Survival Kit - Bride Getting Ready

Stay Fresh

  • Touch ups for makeup

On the go oil absorbent is a life saver! Keep these little packages in your purse, then pat to keep your foundation looking fresh! This paired with your lipstick, are the perfect touch-ups throughout the day.

  • Hair Products

Extra bobby pins, hair spray, and a comb are must-haves. Even if these don’t fit in your purse, keeping them with your coordinator could be the perfect alternative.

  • Sewing kit

You wouldn’t believe how common it is for buttons to go missing.

  • Invisible Deodorant

You’re the star of the show and the dance floor. Throw those arms in the air and don’t worry about a thing!

  • Static guard + A Steamer

We want everyone feeling confident during day-of festivities. By having these available, it relieves any wrinkle-related stress.

Wedding Photography - Wedding Survival Kit - Bridal Party

A Fully Functional Wedding Day Kit

Once your wedding day arrives, you’ll have months worth of plans and excitement running through your head. You may not need to use everything on this list, but the peace of mind it provides knowing you are prepared for the most common wedding day mishaps will give you the confidence to relax and simply enjoy the moment! Yours Truly Media is here to help make your special day even more special. Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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