When Should You Book Your Wedding Videographer?

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When Should You Book Your Wedding Videographer?

When you are planning a wedding, the details will slowly become overwhelming, no matter how small or large the event will be. 

There are many factors to finalize, so getting the important bookings out of the way first can help clear your mind to tackle the long-haul decisions that will require compromise and difficult discussions along the way. 

There is, of course, the wedding date. The venue. The photographer. The guest list. The florist. The menu. The list is seemingly endless, but also very exciting!

But, for whatever reason, many couples do not consider hiring a wedding videographer until it is too late. 

Some couples simply may not know about the advancements in wedding videography, which could initially give them pause as they envision someone standing at the top of the aisle with an iPhone throughout the ceremony. 

Others may not consider wedding videography important enough to budget for in the beginning, but later find the necessary funds to cover the expenditure, only to find all the great videographers are unavailable for your wedding event. 

The truth is, partnering with a great wedding videographer can turn a wedding event into a cinematic love story that can be shared in a highlight reel, or at a feature or premiere length

So, When Should I Book My Wedding Videographer?

The reality is, when a wedding service is in demand, couples will — and should — book it early in the planning process to guarantee the talent they deserve is available and has their wedding event on their calendar in ink. 

Typically, that means within ten months to one year of the wedding date. Especially if you want to showcase your engagement through video footage, too. 

If you wait until around six months before your wedding, your selection of available, experienced videographers will become very slim.

Then you may be left hiring a company that does not reflect your style, personality, or the event’s characteristics, which defeats the purpose of having your wedding event recorded at all. 

Partner with a Team by Combining Your Wedding Photographer with Your Wedding Videographer 

Something many people overlook when determining whether they want to allocate the financial resources for a wedding videographer is that it may be less expensive to combine their wedding photographer and wedding videography services with one company like Yours Truly Media

The other benefits of our partnerships include communicating with one wedding event project manager and our teams of photographers and videographers who ensure your style and any important details are planned together and shared with staff members who have an active involvement in your wedding event. 

That means even our video editors know how important your place settings are. Or that you would like the focus to be on your family-owned venue. Whatever the details, they become our focus too, so you can simply and fully enjoy your wedding event. 

We are More than Wedding Videographers: We are Experienced Cinematographers

At Yours Truly Media, we are not simply capturing footage of your wedding day. 

We are using important information and details you have provided to involve movement techniques, framing, and angles using multiple cameras, lenses, filters, and lights to make technical, creative and artistic decisions that passionately bring your love story to life. 

Learn more about our cinematographic approach to preserving your wedding event by contacting us today, so our wedding videographers can get you on our schedule without delay. 



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