Chicago weddings are renowned for their grandeur and elegance, reflecting the city’s rich cultural heritage and diverse communities. From opulent ballrooms to charming outdoor venues along Lake Michigan, each wedding tells a unique story of love and commitment. Photography and videography play crucial roles in preserving these precious moments for generations to come. They capture not only the beauty of the venue and the intricate details of the ceremony but also the raw emotions shared by the couple and their loved ones. These visual records serve as timeless mementos, allowing couples to relive their special day and share it with future generations. In a city as vibrant and dynamic as Chicago, where every wedding is a celebration of love and culture, photography and videography become indispensable in capturing the essence and magic of the occasion.

Capturing the Timeless Elegance of Your Chicago Wedding

In the heart of your wedding journey, Yours Truly Media is your dedicated partner in preserving every precious moment through the art of both photography and videography. Like the stories etched in Chicago’s rich history, our seasoned professionals delicately weave your unique love story into each frame. With a meticulous eye for detail and a genuine passion for storytelling, we gently capture the essence of your celebration, ensuring that the emotions, the laughter, and the cherished instants are lovingly preserved for a lifetime. Check out some of our favorite work below!

Why Choose Chicago As Your Wedding Location?

Chicago, Illinois is a sought-after setting for weddings for a variety of reasons:

  1. Lakefront Backdrop: Chicago’s picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline offers stunning views and scenic backdrops for wedding photography and videography. From the sandy beaches and vibrant parks to the iconic waterfront attractions like Navy Pier and the Adler Planetarium, couples have endless opportunities to capture romantic moments against the backdrop of the shimmering lake and the city skyline.


  2. Iconic Venues: Chicago boasts a diverse array of iconic wedding venues, ranging from historic ballrooms and elegant hotels to picturesque gardens and stunning waterfront locations along Lake Michigan. Couples can choose from a plethora of unique settings that perfectly align with their vision for their special day.


  3. Cultural Richness: Chicago’s vibrant cultural scene provides endless opportunities to infuse weddings with diverse traditions, cuisines, and music from around the world. Whether incorporating elements from the city’s rich history, such as its jazz heritage or architectural marvels, or celebrating the couple’s own cultural backgrounds, Chicago offers a melting pot of influences that can make weddings truly unforgettable.












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Testimonials & Reviews

Transforming Moments into Masterpieces

Yours Truly Media was absolutely fantastic to work with! Due to COVID we had to change all of our plans last minute and we booked Yours Truly Media just 3 weeks before our wedding (in Chicago, IL). They were extremely responsive and made me feel like I could reach out with any questions (which I did!). Project Coordination was great to work with, they were very helpful both pre and post wedding. Our onsite team was also fantastic. They had their photographers corral our friends and family, and kept us moving on schedule. We received so many comments about how professional they were at the wedding. Our guests were impressed with their ability to capture all of our special moments. We received our photos and videos ahead of schedule, and we are so thrilled. Now for the difficult decision of which ones we want to print! Thank you Yours Truly Media for capturing our day so we can share with all of our guests that couldn’t be there in person with us on that day. We will treasure these photos and video for years to come
Highly recommend using Yours Truly Media!!! My husband and I work in the wedding industry locally in Chicago and we knew we wanted to have our big day captured on video so we could remember it. When trying to find a videographer, we came across YTM and let me just say we were absolutely blown away!! We had two videographers, Daniel and Brian! They were so friendly and down to earth!! They both worked seamlessly with our other vendors and make sure that our photographer was still able to capture all of their shots as well. Half the time, I didn't even notice that they were still there and they captured so many special moments from our big day that we're so excited to have. Everything from getting ready, to our first look, ceremony, introductions, toasts, dancing, mishaps and everything in between!! We absolutely loved getting our raw footage so we could see all the bloopers and have a good laugh now that all the stress and planning of the day is over. Additionally, the communication from YTM was flawless start to finish. They always responded within 24 hours and somebody was always available to answer any questions that you may have! We also got our wedding video back within 4 weeks! We were so excited to have it before the holidays to share with our family and friends! Shoutout to Daniel, Brian and the editors of our video who made it so special for us to relive our day. Thank you Yours Truly Media, for all of our wonderful memories!!
On our search for our videographer we watched hours of preview videos trying to find that something special we were looking for. When we came to Yours Truly Media we knew they were going to give us something that we would enjoy for the rest of our lives, and they delivered. From the moment they arrived at our venue they got started capturing all of the little, beautiful details. The team was reactive, attentive, and respectful. During the day, we hardly knew they were there. The results however, showed otherwise. They were everywhere, captured all of the special little moments, and took great care not to let any moment slip by. If you are on the fence about whether or not to include a videographer in your wedding, reach out to Yours Truly Media and let them explain their process. Choose them to capture the one of the best moments of your life; you will treasure it forever.
Kari & Daniel
Yours truly made our wedding day a dream come true. Everything I dreamt of, came to life. The best part is reliving the moments watching our video and going through all of our photos!! Our video, photo, and dj team went above and beyond. Mindy was available for any questions at any time, and there was amazing communication throughout the entire process. Thank you for being apart of our special day!



At Yours Truly Media, we transform each couple’s unique vision into breathtaking visuals. Our experience in capturing the essence of your love story ensures your wedding memories are preserved and artfully crafted into a narrative that reflects your individuality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Chicago a popular wedding location?

Chicago is a popular location for weddings for several reasons. Besides its various historical landmarks, Chicago provides a wide variety of venues to choose from, ranging from upscale highrise hotels to views of Lake Michigan. 

No, you do not need to be a state resident to get married in Chicago. 

Winters and snowfall in Chicago, IL can be unpredictable, so it is best to look into booking a wedding venue during the Spring to Fall months. From the middle of May through October is when we film/photograph with September and October yielding the highest demand.

We offer three tiers of pricing packages for Wedding Photography, Videography, and All-Inclusive Packages. For more information, check out our pricing page.