5 Inspirational Ideas for Your Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement Photo

At Yours Truly Media, our experienced wedding photographers know that each spectacular wedding event starts with a proposal. After all, there is no feeling in the world like having someone say, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

An official engagement often begins with the proposal and a ring, before the news begins to spread and congratulatory calls, texts, and social media notifications start pouring in.

It is all incredibly exciting! The next step is capturing the glow of this decision through engagement photos.

While there are ten reasons you need engagement photos, we also know the inspiration can be hard to come by. Our wedding photographers can help with that too.

1. Find Engagement Photography Inspiration by Location

One of the first details that can inspire any couple is choosing where to have your engagement photos taken. At first blush, there will be dozens of ideas, which will require a refined look based on its accessibility, lighting, and more importantly, what it says about you as a couple.

If you are city people, you may not want to choose a wooded setting for your engagement photos. It simply does not fit.

Consider where you met, or other meaningful locations like a hometown, cityscape, or family property that sets the scene for your life together.

2. Find Engagement Photography Inspiration by Personality

Do you share a passion for art, glamour, or tradition?

Look inside your relationship and your personalities to create a short list of meaningful venues or spaces that will have everyone who sees your engagement photos saying, “This is perfect!”

Dig deep and think about what stirs your emotions, and the ideas will start coming.  

3. Find Engagement Photography Inspiration by Story

Inspiration can be found in the reality of your love story, no matter how simple or complex it may be.

Some couples have known each other since they were kids. Others met online six months ago. Some had long distance relationships. Others moved in together after their third date.

Your engagement story may be straightforward or winding, but each of the roads that got you to this point is remarkable and filled with inspiration.

4. Find Engagement Photography Inspiration by Trend

Depending on when and where you are getting married, the trends will change, so we do not want to offer any specific ideas, lest they become outdated — even as mere months go by.

However, we can offer this for inspiration: Take a look at your wardrobes and the design details that make your house a home. The trends that sway the way you shop can be applied to your engagement photos, too.

If you are a jeans and t-shirt couple, your engagement photos should be equally rugged.

Are you high fashion? Share your swagger in the appropriate upscale location.

5. Find Engagement Photography Inspiration with Your Wedding Photographer

Whether you have an idea or two or are simply coming up empty, talking with your wedding photographer about where your engagement photoshoot can come to life may help spark the inspiration you need to decide.

Asking the wedding photographer for feedback will allow his or her expertise to provide tips on an indoor vs. outdoor engagement photoshoot based on the lighting and accessibility while giving them the creative latitude necessary to inspire you.

Are You Ready to Partner with a Skilled Wedding Photographer Who Will Take This Journey with You?

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If you are ready to partner with a wedding photographer who genuinely wants to share your journey, contact us today to schedule a free appointment, so we can get to know each other.



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