Attire, Location, and General Tips for Your Engagement Session




Once you and your partner

become engaged,

we understand that the to-do list of wedding planning tasks can seem to go on forever. Although, included on that list is scheduling your engagement shoot, which is one of our favorite ways to connect with our couples. Below, we’ve shared some things to consider as you plan for the attire, location and overall experience of an engagement shoot.


Attire: Patterns and Colors

Even if you have a particular dress or shirt that looks fantastic in person, it’s important to know how its design will translate to photos. The fit may be flattering, but some patterns such as plaids, stripes or small prints aren’t our first recommendations, as they can draw the attention away from your smiling faces and towards the fashion design.

As an alternative, look for outfits with solid yet subtle colors, that you still feel represent yourself. For some of our couples, they prefer very neutral colors, such as whites, greys and blacks. Then, we have some couples that express themselves through color! If you’re a “more color the better” type of person, consider the hues you choose to wear for your engagement shoot. As an example, jewel tones, such as navy, burgundy, peacock teals or plums tend to provide a wonderful contrast without overpowering the focal point; you!

Location: Coordinating Location & Outfits

The goal of an engagement session is to provide you with another opportunity to embrace this time in your life, without the stressors of your big day. With that in mind, we encourage our couples to have fun with this experience! If you have a location you value, or somewhere you’ve dreamed of taking photos, we’re up for some exploration if you are!

Once your location is locked down, consider what it is that you found attractive about that particular location in the first place. Then, ask yourself if there’s an emotion that you want to recreate. If so, this can guide you to the perfect attire for the memory you’re hoping to preserve. Whether that be rocking a ballgown in the middle of the forest, or having a picnic in jeans and a v-neck, our goal is to capture your truest, most endearing moments together.

Now, in order to help these dreams come to life, they do require some planning. We recommend checking the weather, bringing a backpack with some “emergency” materials (jackets, comfortable shoes, etc.), to ensure all the bases are covered for your dream shoot, in your new favorite location.

In General: Be Yourself

You and your partner love one another for the unique qualities you each possess, and it’s that style and personality that should be featured in your engagement photos. Our team can be a reference for you regarding photographer preferences, but our main focus will always come down to you, your comfort and overall vision for these moments.

From Central Park, to South Beach and coffee shops in between, we admire the unique style, vibe and overall emotion our couples bring to the table.

Bonus Tips:

• Test your outfits ahead of time by having a friend take some pictures.

• Check the weather in advance, then daily as the photoshoot gets near.

• Don’t be afraid to pack more than you need! Backups can be life savers.

• Make sure you have a comfortable change of shoes.

• Get your engagement ring cleaned within 24 hours of the shoot.




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