How to Host an Unforgettable Wedding Shower


How to Host an Unforgettable Wedding Shower

As more and more people decide to buck tradition in favor of a more modern approach to their wedding day, the accompanying events are also undergoing a revolution. The rules that made wedding showers so predictable no longer exist, giving you the flexibility to host your event in whatever way feels most comfortable to you. If you are looking for some fresh ideas that will make your wedding shower stand out from the crowd, then you won’t want to miss our top tips on how to host an unforgettable wedding shower.


No-Gift Wedding Shower

One of the most traditional aspects of a wedding shower is the showering of gifts on the bride, but for some brides, this can be impractical or simply uncomfortable. Rather than centering your wedding shower around gifts, you can shift the focus to a social gathering where everyone leaves with fun memories and in some cases, gifts of their own. Here are some of our favorite alternatives you can use at your no-gift wedding shower:

  • Potluck with a recipe exchange

  • Home cooking class

  • Wine shower – All your guests bring a bottle of their favorite wine or a bottle they’ve been dying to try, turning your wedding shower into a wine tasting with all your closest friends. Any unopened bottles go home with the bride!

  • DIY crafting party – Planning any DIY projects for your wedding? Enlist the help of your girls at your wedding shower! Make a game of it by awarding prizes such as Most Creative, Best Crafted, and Most Completed Projects.

  • Spa theme – Turn your wedding shower into a day of pampering everyone can enjoy by instructing each guest to bring a spa-themed item such as facial scrubs, cleansers, masks, aromatherapy lotions, candles, etc. and have everyone take turns trying them out.

  • Honeymoon fund – If the guests of your wedding shower feel like gifts are still in order, suggest contributing to your honeymoon fund instead.


Co-ed Wedding Shower

Since your wedding day may be the first time the inner circles of the bride and groom have a chance to meet, a co-ed wedding shower can be the perfect opportunity to break the ice and make introductions. A fun way to do this is by turning your wedding shower into a cocktail party with a stock the bar theme. In place of your typical registry, create an alcohol-centric registry specifically for your wedding shower with things such as cocktail shakers, wine glasses, beer mugs, mixers, and a variety of must-have liquors. Once your wedding shower cocktail party is over, you’ll be fully prepared to host all your future social gatherings as husband and wife.

If alcohol isn’t your thing, try focusing your theme around something you both enjoy as a couple by creating a registry around gifts you can use together like date nights or a honeymoon theme to prepare for your dream destination.

Wedding Shower Bingo

Of all the brides we’ve spoken to, we’ve noticed that it’s not uncommon for brides to feel a little awkward while their guests sit around watching their reaction as they open their gifts. Give your guests something else to focus on by including them in the gift-giving process with wedding shower bingo! Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Order or print out bingo cards using a wedding shower template

Step 2: Provide your guests with pens, bingo cards, and a copy of your registry. If you don’t have a registry, just have them fill in their cards with potential gifts.

Step 3: Have your guests play along until all your gifts are opened, with the winners calling out Bingo!

Step 4: Give winners small gifts of their own such as mini wine bottles with a chocolate attached!


Groom Video Messages

Just because you decide to have an all-girls bridal shower doesn’t mean your groom can’t be a part of the fun! Include your groom in your shower, without him being physically present, by testing your couple’s knowledge using video messages. Have a mutual friend come up with a list of questions that they can ask the groom such as your favorite place to visit, his favorite feature about you, the location of your first date, etc. and have them record his responses. During your bridal shower, your mutual friend will read each question out loud and have you guess whether he got the answer right or wrong, then play the video to see his response. Your friends will feel closer to your groom and you’ll all have a great time watching the responses.


A Modern Wedding Shower for the Modern Bride

In today’s world of wedding showers, the only limitations are the ones imposed by your own creativity. Be encouraged to do things differently, have fun, and your wedding shower will be an unforgettable experience that builds anticipation for your wedding day.



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