Should I Hire a Videographer for My Engagement?

Should I Hire a Videographer for My Engagement?

When one half of a couple decides to propose to their forever person, they think about it for months to ensure they are incorporating all the other cherishes to complete a moment they will never forget.  While hiring an engagement photographer really adds panache to your big “yes!” moment, hiring an engagement videographer is more than a still frame capturing why you two embody what is meant to be.  It is an opportunity to tell your love story. 

When Should I Consider Hiring an Engagement Videographer?

Engagement videography can be captured anywhere, including cityscapes, beaches, fields, and other important locations that make the location your “spot.”  Our experienced engagement videographers have filmed every possible scenario of the epic, “Will you marry me?” seconds of our Forever Couples’ journeys, including those where only the proposer knew their lives were about to change forever.  If you would like to capture your complete love story — together as a planned approach, or without the other’s knowledge — our engagement videographers will help you establish the best approach to encapsulating this intimate moment in the best possible light. 

Engagement Videography Can Happen After the Proposal, Too!

Many couples keep their proposals private or work with our engagement photographers to get the perfect shot to share on Instagram or Facebook to announce the start of the wedding journey.  Engagement videography adds a different approach to showing the world that you two are going to slay the wedding planning adventure, starting right now.  Whether you choose to capture the proposal or not is a personal choice. And one where you should consider how the other person will feel about the process, but engagement videography is definitely something you two can plan together.  Now that your mutual promise to each other has been solidified, it is time to capture this emotional and romantic occasion with the help of an engagement videographer. 

A Wedding Engagement is a Very Big Deal: Celebrate It!

There are several reasons to choose an engagement videographer, and one of them is to celebrate this monumental time with a beautifully crafted film that exposes your sincerest emotions — no staging necessary.  When couples work together on the details of their engagement videography, they are kicking off their partnership by planning something exciting, reflective, and fun before moving onto the major decisions that wedding planning requires.  The latter will eventually become stressful. It is the nature of the occasion, and in no way reflects how much you two love each other. Planning a wedding is hard. Especially when you are faced with creating a budget, dwindling the guest list, and all the major and minor details in between.  You have your whole life to be married and make tough decisions about where your journey takes you. Now, in this moment, you can create a film that reflects your love story, and what this engagement means to you.  You can choose the location or ask our engagement videographer for help in picking the perfect spot, at the precise time that will provide the most flawless light.  You can move freely, walking under the sun, dancing to your favorite song, incorporating wardrobe changes, bring along your pets, or even make it a family affair during a group trip where everyone is celebrating the momentous occasion.  Engagement videography allows you to bring every detail of your love story to life, so you can watch it over and over, share it with friends and family, and focus on why you asked this person to marry you, and why it was the happiest moment of your life when they said, “Yes!” This is your story to tell. We simply capture it with an expertise that reflects the passion, beauty, and promise of the next chapter. Contact our skilled engagement videographers today to learn more about our process, and how you can become one of our Forever Couples. The best part of fortnite tracker tren ace 100 hotel comfort inn & suites lawrence – university area lawrence, ks 2* (united states) – from €87 | hotelmix



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