PHOTOGRAPHER PICK | A Fiery Sky Over Marina Del Rey

Marina Del Rey Marriott | Marina Del Rey, CA

One of Southern California’s best locations for a coastal wedding, Marina Del Rey, boasts beautiful views, warm temperatures, and clear sunny skies. A rare occurrence though took place on Kellie & Stanley Lam’s wedding that would typically be a cause for concern for a bride and groom, overcast and gloom. However, with the help of their photography team, the dark skies became the perfect backdrop to their bright and joyful wedding photos.  

Some of the best photos are the most genuine. Where words can fail to express a person’s emotions, a photo displaying their smiling face can tell the whole story. Surrounded by their closest friends, every photo was a true expression of how happy everyone was to be celebrating together. “Shooting this wedding felt like hanging out with friends! Everyone was so relaxed and just having fun. They made some jokes that the groom did most of the planning and was more particular about details than the bride!”

Saying their vows on the rooftop of the Marina Del Rey Marriott, the couple and their guests enjoyed a bird’s eye view complete with sprawling city streets, ocean waves, and rolling hills. Unobstructed by the sun’s powerful presence, the clouds created the perfect amount of light to capture the location and all its gorgeous details. “The overcast lighting allowed us to see the whole background behind them and all the beautiful views.”

Their ceremony ending with the sun setting behind the clouds; it appeared as if the sky itself celebrated their marriage with its brilliant orange glow. “The sunset was gorgeous. We got some beautiful photos with the sky on fire.” Taking in the moment, Kellie and Stanley shared this special moment, enjoying their first sunset as husband and wife.

As if to prove to the weather that overcast skies couldn’t put a damper on their wedding day, the reception was filled with ear-to-ear smiles, laughter, and had no shortage of enthusiastic wedding guests on the dance floor at all times. “Their whole reception was a blast! I love weddings where the dance floor is so packed, I can’t get through to photograph anyone in the center of the dance floor.” The Lam wedding proved that no matter what the day throws at you, you can turn any circumstances into the perfect day with the right perspective. 

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