5 Adorable Ways To Surprise Your Groom on Your Wedding Day


5 Adorable Ways To Surprise Your Groom on Your Wedding Day

Weddings, although focused around the bride and groom, involve so many people and details that it can be easy to lose sight of the most important aspect of the day, which is the celebration of love between the soon to be married couple. Brides work so hard in preparation for their wedding and of course they deserve to be pampered and appreciated on their big day, but without the love and support of your significant other, the opportunity to bring your dream wedding to life wouldn’t be possible. Show your soon be hubby how much you appreciate being able to share this moment together with these 5 adorable ways to surprise him on your wedding day!


Occasion Cards

As a married couple, you’ll share both special and mundane moments, experience ups and downs, and be the shoulder to lean on when your partner needs a helping hand. An adorable way to show your groom that you’ve planned for everything the future has to offer is with occasion cards. On a set of paper cards, label them with things such as, “open on our honeymoon”, “open when you’re mad at me”, “open when you’re bored”, and so on. Then, write a personalized message in each card, specific to that occasion. You can even include little gifts, such as a promise for a massage or a gift card to his favorite restaurant. For months after your wedding, your groom will be able to enjoy tailored messages for every occasion life throws your way.


Video Message

The traditional way to express your thoughts and appreciation for your groom is by exchanging letters, but writing doesn’t always play to everyone’s strengths. If you feel you express your feelings better verbally, a video message is an intimate alternative. Before the ceremony, your groom can watch your video message right on their phone or computer to hear all the reasons you’re looking forward to your married life together. If your groom has relatives or close friends who couldn’t make it, you can even ask them to create a short message and include it in your video!


A Surprise Guest

By the time we get married, life has moved in many different directions, leaving some guests to travel across the country or even the globe to attend your wedding. As such, not everyone you hope to attend may be able to make it on your big day. For the ultimate surprise, coordinate with a friend of the groom that he didn’t think would be able to make the trip for a surprise appearance! Celebrations are always better with our loved ones, and with your wedding being one of the biggest celebrations of your lives, the groom will be thrilled to see an unexpected yet familiar face contributing to the joy of the day.


Day-Of Wedding Kit

Prior to the wedding ceremony, your groom and his groomsman will have time to relax and enjoy each other’s company while getting ready. Make the day even more memorable and fun by arranging a day-of kit for your groom to enjoy. The contents of this goody bag are limited only to your imagination and can include things such as ingredients for his favorite cocktail, food he loves, personalized gifts, or items he may have forgotten to pack. Every item is a reminder you care about his interests and well being and will make for an unforgettable morning.


Impromptu First Look

When the groom first lays eyes on his bride in her wedding dress, appearing more radiant and beautiful than ever before, it creates an emotionally powerful experience. To capture the first look in its purest form, arrange an impromptu first look with your groom by enlisting the help of your bridal party. Without any time to mentally prepare, the reaction will be candid and worthy of any wedding album. Just make sure to inform your videography and photography team of your plans ahead of time so they have time to prepare – those are the moments we live for!


A Day of Appreciation

Your wedding day is a time to show appreciation and tell your significant other how much your relationship means to you. By going the extra mile with these adorable ways to surprise your groom, you’ll create an even more memorable wedding experience that your groom will never forget! Yours Truly Media is here to help make your special day even more special. Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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