5 Hilarious Wedding Day Signs That Guests Will Love


5 Hilarious Wedding Day Signs That Guests Will Love

The best weddings aren’t always the most extravagant, but rather the ones that really allow your personalities to shine. Attire, décor, catering, and all the finer details are great ways to express yourself, but what if the quality you want to share most on your wedding day is your sense of humor? Make your guests laugh and give them a taste of your personal humor with these 5 hilarious wedding day signs that guests will love (and probably Instagram).


Outdoor Wedding

One of the best ways to brighten moods and give people a different outlook on an issue that is causing frustration is by making light of the situation. Hosting an outdoor wedding has inherent cons, but one of the hardest to ignore is the presence of bugs. Even though those pesky insects never made their way onto your guest list, that won’t stop them from crashing your wedding and bothering your guests. Address the situation in a fun way, that also draws attention to a solution that will keep the bugs at bay with this adorable sign!


Open Bar

Weddings are full of emotion and it’s almost a guarantee that the day won’t come to a close without a few tears being shed. When the tears well up in these emotional moments there’s no holding back the flood gates. Ease the emotional tension with a running joke your friends and family can use throughout the night when the tears start flowing.


Wedding Favors

After all those uncontrollable criers are escorted to the open bar, it’s inevitable that a few of your guests will overdo it. Waking up with a hangover makes it difficult to remember all the fond memories of the night before, so give your guests some much-needed relief by giving them a stand out memory in the form of a hilarious sign they can recall as they down their hangover kit wedding favors!


Unplugged Ceremony

Instructing your guests that you’re having an unplugged wedding ceremony doesn’t have to be awkward. Makes sure everyone is aware of your wishes and no one feels put out by your restrictions by incorporating some humor into your instructions.


Encourage Dancing

Dancing is such a fun part of the reception but it can take some coaxing to get the party started. Motivate your guests to hit the dance floor and show off all their wildest moves with these dance floor rules! This is one case where rules really do create more opportunities for freedom and expression.


Capture Moments You May Have Missed

Featuring hilarious wedding signs is a great way to express yourself and crack a few smiles, but it also provides the chance to share your Instagram hashtag in a way that really stands out. The more Insta-worthy photo opportunities you provide at your wedding, the more likely guests are to take and share photos, capturing moments you may not have otherwise been able to enjoy. Need help planning your reception? Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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