Takiah & Jasper



Chateau Briand Caterers | Westbury, NY

Some weddings are too spectacular for words. That’s the case with Takiah & Jasper. This wedding is just so classy, so beautifully done that words don’t do it justice.

In cases like that, you’ll be so glad you have our photographers and videographers to capture these stunning moments so that they’ll last a lifetime.

As one of our Forever Couples, your investment in the memories of the biggest day of your life will be something that you can relive over and over again with friends, family, kids, and one day even your grandkids!

From the joy you and your guests are sharing…

To the tears of happiness your guests are shedding…

To the special little touches that make your wedding your own…

To the special family moments…

To the Reception, and the things that mark your time in history…

Our photographers and videographers will be there to catch every moment!

When all the dresses are put away, when the dancing has stopped, when the day is over, our creators will give you the whole experience to relive, whenever you want.

Let’s Talk About Love!

For more information on how we can tell your love story, contact us today and allow us to walk you through our amazing packages. We look forward to providing you with each and every detail on our Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography and the opportunity to introduce you to our team!



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