Fall Wedding Trends: What We’re Excited To See This Season

Bride And Groom Holding A Seasonal Fall Bouquet With Natural Greens And Deep Red Roses.

Fall Wedding Trends: What We’re Excited To See This Season

The best season to have a wedding relies entirely on the bride and groom. Each season has its own unique appeal, and taking advantage of the season’s characteristics you enjoy most can make your wedding feel more personal and closer to your heart. If the shifting colors of fall is your favorite season then you’re in luck because we’re sharing some the fall wedding trends that we’re most excited for this season – we hope you’re as excited as we are!


Subdued yet elegant, velvet accents create a more natural feel that works perfectly with the jewel tones of fall. By using velvet as an accent, your guests will notice the attention to detail and appreciate the personal touch you’ve given your décor. There are tons of subtle, and not so subtle, ways to incorporate velvet into your fall wedding decorations but a few of our favorites include:

  • Velvet ribbon accents on wedding programs and menus

  • Decorated chair backs and furniture

  • Table settings and centerpieces

  • Ribbon in the bouquet

  • Hair accessories

  • Shoes

A Close Up Of A Wildflower Fall Wedding Bouquet.


With many plants reaching the tail end of their growing season, fall gardens take on a slightly wild appearance that is less pristine, but even more breathtaking than its summer and spring counterparts. Instead of a traditional bouquet with every bloom clearly placed to perfection, a bouquet that resembles a handful of freshly picked wildflowers is a fall trend that fits the season. For that wildflower feel, the accents are just as important as the flowers. Accents like small vines, small leafy twigs, berries, eucalyptus, and acacia can make your bouquet appear hand-picked from the seasonal selection.


When attempting to create a particular atmosphere, lighting is crucial; making it no surprise that some of our favorite trends include unique lighting design. Wow your guests with capiz shell chandeliers and mixed pendant lighting, embrace minimalism with exposed bulbs, or make your wedding a magical experience with fairy lights. You can also opt for more subtle options like basket lanterns and tapered candles.


Keeping things simple removes unnecessary distractions and allows you to focus on the aspects you truly love. When it comes to your wedding, a minimalist approach puts the emphasis on the bride and groom, keeping guests’ attention on the events at hand while still giving them the opportunity to appreciate the modern design. With wood tables made of maple or chestnut, you can skip the tablecloth and accent them with a simple centerpiece like succulents (or velvet!). Some carefully placed greenery around the venue intertwined with the natural colors of fall foliage radiates class and is a modern fall wedding trend that is guaranteed to age well.

Bride And Groom Kiss In Front Of Deep Green, Moody-Hued Accent Door.

Moody Hues

One of the things that make fall so stunning is the abundance of natural colors. Looking outside can feel like staring into a work of art, and in fact, has been the inspiration for many great pieces. This fall, you can create the same dramatic effect at your wedding by utilizing rich, deep, dark colors that inspire a sense of grandeur such as emerald green, stiffkey blue, scarlet or slate gray. If you really want to get into the spirit of fall you can even combine two of the seasons hottest trends by featuring love seats with velvet upholstery in moody hues, creating a picture-perfect scene of seasonal luxury!

Wedding Guests Celebrate At An Outdoor Reception Sitting At A Long Wooden Table.

Fall in Love with Fall  

No matter why you chose to host your wedding in the fall, take advantage of this incredible season for a wedding day that is sure to be beautiful beyond imagination. With all the unique characteristics of the fall season, it’s no wonder that it has been home to countless weddings that have taken our breath away. And, with some of the best fall wedding trends coming this year, we are more excited than ever for the fall wedding season! Yours Truly Media is here to help make your special day even more special. Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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