The 6 Essential Ways Photographers & Videographers Work Together During Your Wedding Event

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At Yours Truly Media, we offer complete wedding photography and wedding videography services for our Forever Couples. We even offer a discount for combining the two services because our skilled staff loves to collaborate on capturing and delivering meaningful media that celebrates each wedding event we have the privilege of working together.

As professionals, we coordinate wedding photography and wedding videography efforts to fully support each position and produce the best outcome for our clients — without having them playing coordinator on one of the most important days of their lives.

Instead, we employ six essential actions that allow us to work together while leaving no detail to chance, so you can focus on all the love in the room.                          

1. Communication is the Key to Our Success.

First things first. Our wedding photographers and wedding videographers will arrive an hour early so we can survey the venue(s) together and create a shooting plan that captures the best light, landscape, and ornate details through both mediums.

We share all the important information our Forever Couples want to capture during their wedding event, so if one of us missed a finer point, the other is there to provide a supportive reminder.

2. Creative Collaboration.

The more we know about our clients’ goals, the more we can propose creative options to capture the wide range of shots in significant detail.

Like other creative minds, when our wedding photographers and wedding videographers collaborate, they can inspire each other to capture imaginative shots that are as unique as our Forever Couples’ journey.

3. We Know When to Stay Out of the Way.

The best thing about pairing YTM photo and video together is that we know how to work alongside one another to capture the stunning shots we want in turn while making sure we’re out of each other’s frame. Communication between teams is natural and it makes for a dynamic duo allowing the best photos and video to come from yours special day. 

4. Strategically Crossing Paths.

Staying out of the way is not always an option, and certainly should not be when we are capturing the same event. For instance, during the ceremony, our wedding photographer and wedding videographer has the same goal: Capturing the marriage vows as they unfold.

The same is true during the reception, as we cross paths to capture a combined goal. This is easier said than done, which is why coordinating our movements is more than working around each other. It is a strategic approach to ensuring we are supporting each other’s actions.

5. Shared Styles, Shared Goals.

When our project coordinators initially sit down with our Forever Couples, we talk about our timeline, photos you want captured, and family lists to ensure we — the wedding photographer, wedding videographer, and the couple — all share the same goals.

Many times the lights provided by the videographer during night time receptions benefit the photography team and make for more natural lighting.

At Yours Truly Media, our talented wedding photography and wedding videography tandems share similar styles and goals that allow the mediums to complement each other — not compete.

6. Separate But Together.

Wedding photography and wedding videography are truly two different things that require two different sets of talent and two different approaches to achieving success. At Yours Truly Media, we take a tip from our Forever Couples and work hard to allow each person to express their individuality and the love of their craft separately while ensuring they are in this love together, capturing your wedding event through a combined effort to produce the absolute best outcome.

Are You Interested in Combining Your Wedding Photography & Wedding Videography Services?

At Yours Truly Media, we pride ourselves on being more than vendors who are hired to capture your wedding event. We see ourselves as a family. Voices that ensure you we are capturing each moment without fail. If you are interested in working with a team of wedding photography and wedding videography experts who work effortlessly together, contact us to schedule a free consultation today.           



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