Unique Wedding Florists To Follow On Instagram


Unique Wedding Florists To Follow On Instagram

Centerpieces, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, floral arches, etc., flowers play such an important role in the aesthetics of your wedding day. With the right combinations, your floral arrangements bring a burst of color, aromas, and life that will draw attention to the elements of your wedding theme you wish your guests to focus on. Gain inspiration and ideas you can utilize in your wedding by checking out the floral designs of some of the most unique florists you can follow on Instagram.

West Coast


Jeff Leatham

One of the best in the business, celebrity florist @jeffleatham is a master of taking designs, previously only imagined in fairytales and bringing them to life. Seeing the incredible designs, he and his team are able to achieve utilizing a single type of flower or simple color patterns will allow you to see what can be achieved with some creativity and masterful arrangement.



Specializing in wildflower arrangements, @mooncanyon incorporates mother nature’s all-natural beauty in arrangements that look freshly picked from the field. Understanding the beauty of variety, @mooncanyon uses lush greenery and non-typical additions in her displays that make them feel open and free.



Rather than the vibrant colors often seen at your local florist, @jennchezdesign bouquets tend to lean towards moodier hues, and colors that are less saturated yet more impactful, somehow managing to pop in all the right ways.

East Coast



With truly picture-perfect arrangements, @tulipinadesign floral designs are like Ambrosius Bosschaert paintings snatched from the canvas and handcrafted into real-life bouquets. Proving what a difference details such as the backdrop and vase can make, each floral masterpiece is a work of art unto itself.



If you are looking for a floral design unlike any you’ve ever seen, @foxfodderfarm has a unique talent for designing arrangements that cater to the individual. Each design seems to radiate emotion and give insight into who the arrangement was made for as well as the story they wished to convey.



With a page dedicated to all things flower-related, @flowergirlnyc is sure to brighten your day and provide inspiration for home décor as well as your wedding with their imaginative utilization of floral imagery.




One of the most inspirational companies on the list, not just for their beautiful flowers, but for their contribution to their city, @flowersfordreams sources their supplies from local markets, pack their bouquets using recyclable materials, and donates a portion of each purchase to local charities. Having donated nearly half a million dollars to date, this is definitely a company worth supporting.



The selection of each and every flower and their placement is what makes or breaks a bouquet, and nowhere is this more apparent than @fleurinc. Their eye for detail makes it seem as if every petal was personally shaped and crafted to create a flawless arrangement, that will help you set the standard for perfection.



Drawing their name from a mythical fairy from English folklore, @asraigarden certainly brings a magical element to their creations. Experts at combining a multitude of elements that make each and every bouquet feel like a garden unto themselves, holding one of their bouquets, or standing under a larger than life hanging garden will no doubt make you feel like you’re living in a fairy tale on your wedding day.


A Masterclass of the Floral Arts

No matter what floral creations you favor, this list of unique florists you can follow on Instagram will provide a masterclass in floral design that will help guide your vision to select the perfect flowers for your wedding day. Yours Truly Media is here to help make your special day even more special. Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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