10 Essential Wedding Photos To Ask Your Photographer For

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At Yours Truly Media, our skilled wedding photographers will walk you through our shot selection plans, so you know what to expect throughout the day, and how to schedule the subjects accordingly, so each shoot is executed seamlessly.  

However, if you have chosen another wedding photographer that is not us, talk to them about the essential photos that you will want to reflect on for years to come. 


The Wedding Invitation, Guest Book and Other Supporting Stationery

Chances are, you are going to keep a copy of your invitation and will possibly even frame it. However, each supporting piece, including your guest book, table seating tags, or other stationery designed specifically for the wedding can be captured in an image to show the details in total. 

The Wedding Venue Before Guests Arrive

Shots of the venue, the décor, and the landscape undisturbed by guests will really allow the beauty of the occasion to shine. 

The Wedding Hardware

Most wedding photographers will plan to capture pictures of the wedding rings, but it may be worth it to consider — and point out to capture, if necessary — all the details you painstakingly chose for inclusion in the wedding. 

  • Flowers, including the centerpieces, décor, bouquets and boutonnieres 
  • Jewelry, including the bride’s earrings, necklace, bracelets, or hairpieces and the groom’s cufflinks or other accents before being worn by each party
  • Flower girl or ring bearer accessories
  • Wedding dress, shoes and veil before they are on the bride

Both Wedding Parties and their Preparations

Typically, both wedding parties will have separate suites or areas where they can get ready and enjoy the wedding day together. 

You will want shots of both parties before, during and after the wedding day wardrobe, hair and make-up are completed. 

The Bride Finalizing Her Wedding Dress and Details 

The bride should have a picture of her support system making final appointments to her dress and accompanying details, whether it is the bride and her mother, sisters, or bridesmaids smoothing out the train or adoring her completed look. 

The Wedding Parties, Ready to Go and Having an Awesome Time

Shots of the wedding party may seem like a given requirement for any photographer, but one with little experience may consider the complete shots with both parties and the bride and groom enough. 

They are not. You will want pictures of the bridal party dressed, ready and having an amazing time before they take their place at the head of the ceremony. The same is true for the groomsman. You can even ask for a shot of the two parties together, showing both side’s connection to the couple who is saying I do.

The Bride and Groom, Alone with Their Thoughts Before the Ceremony

There will be a few final minutes for both the bride and groom to reflect on the next steps they are about to take, which will finalize their marriage. This provides an intimate look at each person’s character and commitment before they walk down the aisle. 

The Walk Down the Aisle and Back

While it should go without saying that you want to capture the complete wedding party going down the either — including the bride and her escort — before the nuptials are exchanged, but be sure to ask for the shots back up the aisle when everyone is beaming brilliantly and the guests are responding to the married couple. 

The Bride, the Groom and the Entire Wedding Party

Getting solo and group shots of the bride and groom and their respective wedding parties, separate and together, will provide a great look at just how beautiful the details turned out. It also provides a fun take on how excited everyone is to be a part of your big day. 

Both Glamour and Candid Shots of Family and Friends

The bride and groom will want shots with their parents, grandparents, siblings, and other important family members, but they are also going to want shots of their guests taking in the venue, the décor, the band, and the food as the night goes on. 

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