4 Ways to Get the Wedding Photos You’ll Love

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At Yours Truly Media, our wedding photographers understand every aspect of each wedding event we are fortunate enough to be a part of — including the fact that this is yourwedding.

Since we are not in charge of each wedding detail, we can only control the one portion of the event we are there for: Taking stunning wedding photos.

Here are the five ways to help us capture the wedding photos you will love for the rest of your lives together.

1. Communicate with Your Wedding Photographer

Partnering with a skilled wedding photographer should give you peace of mind. Especially after you express what is important about your relationship, including how you two met, how the proposal happened, and how your personalities work together, so we can use our style to accurately tell your love story.

The more we know about each of you, separately and together, the more we can capture the essence of your wedding journey, which will be reflected in the final wedding photography package.

You will also get the chance to have an engagement session with our photographers based on your package. 

2. Create a Shot List with Your Wedding Photographer

Our Forever Couples have so much to think about when planning their weddings that we like to throw one more detail their way, so they know we are prioritizing their needs.

Outside of the ten essential wedding photos we suggest everyone incorporate into their wedding portfolios, there are dozens more that are important to you. We want to capture them brilliantly.

Whether it is simply a one-off request to photograph all the kids together at some point, or a stylized approach to capturing important family members, we want to help you create a shot list that will guarantee you get the wedding photos you will love for a lifetime.

3. Book Your Wedding Photographer for Your Complete Wedding Event

To get the wedding photos you want, you are going to need someone there to capture them throughout the entire wedding event.

Before, during, and after the wedding, from arrival to departure, we want to ensure we do not miss a single detail, so be sure to talk to your wedding photographer about time blocks and what they mean to your wedding.

Does the wedding photographer charge by the hour? What if your time is up, but the party isn’t over? Will they leave? Learn all the timing details before signing a contract and be sure to book the wedding photographer for your complete wedding event, so no shot goes untaken.

4. Let Loose and Enjoy Your Wedding Event!

We know there are so many details that can go wrong on such a busy and important day, but there is also so much that can go perfectly.

Let us capture it. Let us capture you. The authentic, genuine you, by being yourself and enjoying your wedding event!

Don’t worry. We know what is important. And we will ensure it is recorded brilliantly.

Would You Like to Discuss Your Wedding Event with Our Skilled Wedding Photographers?

At Yours Truly Media, our experienced wedding photographers believe the only way you will know if you want to partner with us is by having a conversation first. Let’s do it. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled wedding photographers, so we can learn more about your exciting wedding event.





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