7 Key Elements of Beautiful Wedding Photos

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At Yours Truly Media, our experienced wedding photographers have been capturing one of the most beautiful days in more than 3,000 of our couples lives. Chronicling a day that can happily be shared with the world is empowering and is a significant reminder of how all their hard work — as a couple and improvised wedding planners — has paid off.

We are delighted to be a part of these incredible events and know that capturing the totality of the day, one image at a time, is what allows us to stand apart from other wedding photographers.

We do so by focusing on the seven key elements of beautiful wedding photography.

The Lighting Element

It goes without saying that the extensive lighting setups that are available in a photography studio are not an option during wedding photography.

This means we must incorporate all the natural light the venue provides to ensure we are capturing the beauty of each subject perfectly.

That requires using the proper lenses to get the most light out of the scene and creating fluid solutions as the day progresses and the light and locations change.

As with most wedding photography solutions, if natural conditions do not provide, we move forward with the best-manufactured alternatives. That may potentially include flash options, reflectors, and speedlites to help fill in dark areas and freeze motion.  

Emphasizing the Detailed Element

When it comes to successful wedding photography, the depth of the day’s beauty can be found in the details. The pattern of the bride’s dress and its continuation into her accessories are mesmerizing images that really illuminate beautiful textures that are easily overlooked even to those who attended the event.

This is also true for capturing sentimental elements, the venue’s charm, and the overall beauty of the wedding event, so the bride and groom can feel the details come to life through the images.

Embrace the Element of the Mood

One of the most beautiful elements of any wedding is that each wedding photography opportunity is unique.

No matter where the day takes us, the mood changes several times from overwhelming glee when the couples say “I do” to sincere embraces and all-out party laughs during the reception.

Capturing the mood of the complete wedding event from start to finish tells a love story, and the result is some of the most beautiful, genuine images imaginable.

The Element of Poses & Posture

Much like the mood element, body language tells its very own story, because smiles are not the only emotion worth capturing throughout a wedding event.

A light embrace, the squeeze of a hand, the relaxed shoulders of two people in love reflect the attitude of the bride, groom, wedding party, and guests just by reading their posture — and capturing it in real time.

Conversely, posed shots can bring the swagger of the subjects to life, or reflect the classically modeled beauty that fits the couple’s personalities.

That is the beauty of wedding photography. It can be whatever you want it to be.

The Element of Spotlighting Noteworthy Moments

Wedding events have hundreds of noteworthy moments, which is why our wedding photographers are there. Outside of the incredible moments and elements that make this day perfect, there are noteworthy moments that miss everyone’s gaze.

Friends smiling at the unknowing couple, moms embracing, grandparents holding hands — there is so much our wedding photographers see that everyone else does not. We capture that beauty.

The Format Element

Each beautiful element we capture can tell the story of your wedding event when expressed in the format that makes people say, “This is an incredible picture.”

That happens by capturing the sincere value of the moment in black and white, sepia tones, or the perfect burst of color.

Combining all the Elements Through Mixed Media

Combining candid, photojournalistic, and classic styles allows us to capture the tone of the day and night in their most natural ways, so nothing feels forced.

More importantly, the result — the digital and printed wedding photography — captures the flow of the day, which is a combined use of all the important elements listed here: lighting, details, mood, posturing, and the noteworthy moments in the format that invokes real emotions.

Contact our experienced wedding photographers today to learn how we can put these important elements to work during your wedding event, so you can focus on being the center of attention and spending time with your loved ones during one of the most important days of your lives.



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