How Long Does It Take to Receive Photos After My Wedding?

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How Long Does It Take to Receive Photos After My Wedding?

Congratulations! The wedding is behind you and is it time to start your newlywed journey. Certainly, everyone you come across — from best friends and wedding guests to coworkers and acquaintances — have wished you well, and followed their congratulatory praise with the ever-pressing question, “When will we see the wedding photos?”

Wedding photography is such an integral part of your nuptials that the anticipation grows with each day you are waiting to see which shots were captured. And, honestly, to catch a glimpse of how great you, your person, the wedding party, and the venue looked. 

At Yours Truly Media, our wedding photographers know that with so much going on during your big day, that it is impossible to take it all in while it is happening. That is why you hired a wedding photographer to capture it in its entirety. 

So, when will you get to see your wedding photos?

We Will Not Keep You Waiting for Your Wedding Photos

We have had the true joy and privilege of capturing over 2,300 Forever Couples wedding events, and are overcome by the beauty of these sincere commitments, which transfers into immediate action. Our wedding photographers are brimming with anticipation too, so we know how our clients feel. We must see what we have captured — now! 

As a result, we deliver “Sneak Peeks” of around ten magnificent photos by the Friday after the wedding, which is typically within five days. This provides our clients with a preview of what is to come and takes the edge off wondering what we captured before the balance is delivered.

Most wedding photographers and companies will deliver your wedding photos in anywhere from two to six months. 

At Yours Truly Media, we  know that no one wants to wait half a year to see how gorgeous their wedding event was, which is why we deliver your complete wedding portfolio in just four to six weeks. 

Four to six weeks is just enough time for things to settle down after the ceremony, for you two to enjoy your honeymoon, and to get to those thank you cards before putting away all the awesome gifts you received. 

Then, you can share the beauty of your wedding photography with the world in a timely fashion, when the interest level is high, and everyone is still buzzing from the event. 

What Can I Expect to See from My Wedding Photographer in Six Weeks? 

When you partner with Yours Truly Media, we craft a customized shot list before we get behind the lens, so everything you want to capture is beautifully detailed by our wedding photographers. 

Using our expertise, we will continue to capture the emotional importance of your wedding event, so you can reflect on each expressive and poignant detail. 

Our skilled wedding photographers and post-production team will not provide an endless gallery of basic photos for you to skim through. Instead, you will receive 500-1000 beautifully edited, high resolution, high quality, timeless photos.

That includes 24/7 access to your personal online viewing gallery with unlimited downloads and printing rights. No watermarks. No licensing agreements. No obstacles. Just you, your media device, and all the images you never imagined we would capture.  

This means you do not have to pick and choose which images you share, print, or send to your relatives or wedding guests. Like your marriage, your wedding photography is all yours. Now and forever. 

If you would like to speak with one of our wedding photographers about capturing one of the most important days of your life, contact us today, or view our work to learn more about our style and how it matches your character, so you can become one of our next Forever Couples. 



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