How many wedding photos does a photographer take?

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How Many Wedding Photos Does a Photographer Take?

At Yours Truly Media, we know that you have meticulously planned each detail of your wedding. You have made sacrifices, you have splurged and had countless difficult discussions with your fiancé(e) about what is important. 

When the beautiful day arrives, it is time for your wedding photographer to capture each beaming moment without disturbing you.  

You do not have time to worry about whether your wedding photographer preserved the fleeting moments your beautiful grandmother spent doting on you. (We did, by the way.) 

But how do you know what you are getting in return for your investment? Exactly how many wedding photos does a photographer take?

The honest answer is: It depends on the wedding. And who you choose as your wedding photographer. 

The Average Wedding Photographer Follows a Standard Rule for Photo Delivery

Broadly speaking, wedding photographers typically deliver 50-100 photos for every hour of coverage they provide. 

If your wedding photography session spans from noon-4pm, you are looking at anywhere from 200-400 photos in the final delivery package, following the standard of an additional 50-100 for each hour increase thereafter. 

Time, however, is not the only measurement. 

The number of photos you receive will also depend on the wedding photographer’s experience, skill level and the size of your wedding event. 

We Capture Your Complete Wedding Event Because We See It Differently

At Yours Truly Media, your wedding event is captured by two wedding photographers, so we take, edit, and deliver prints a little differently than most wedding photographers. 

By the numbers, even the most novice wedding photographer will take a couple of thousand photos alone. 

With two wedding photographers, we could take up to 5,000 photos of your wedding event. 

But who wants to see 5,000 wedding photos? We do. 

You are moving and shaking each second of your wedding event, and so are we. 

We pride ourselves on capturing each emotion of the day, no matter how they manifest, so we can provide a striking balance of each part of the day’s happenings in the 500-1000 images we deliver. 

That means no unappealing images with poor lighting, unflattering stances, repetitive images of a single backdrop, or five “getting ready” photos compared to 100 reception photos. 

The entire wedding event is important, and so is how it is captured. 

Once we are back to the studio, it is time to focus on the totality of the event, and return it to you in 500-1000 beautifully edited, high resolution, high quality, timeless photos you can access 24/7, anywhere in the world in just four to six weeks

What’s more, you will have unlimited download and printing rights without worrying about photo watermarks. After all, they are your photos. 

What Sets Yours Truly Media Apart from Other Wedding Photographers?

In addition to your final wedding event images, we provide complete wedding photography packages that go above and beyond standard practices. 

Our wedding photography packages stand apart by: 

  • Including engagement photoshoots and image delivery as part of our suite of services
  • Crafting a shot list based on the theme, personality and exclusivity of your wedding event
  • Creating the perfect wedding video trailer that you can share on social media — at no extra charge

If you are interested in our wedding photography services, you can get started by viewing our work to discover more about our style, reviewing our photography packages, or contacting us today to learn more about becoming our next Forever Couple. 



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