How To Capture Better Pictures With Your Wedding Photo Booth

Bride With Gold Glasses As A Photo Booth Prop.

How To Capture Better Pictures With Your Wedding Photo Booth

Your wedding is a significant moment in your life spiritually, emotionally and of course financially. To create the perfect environment to marry the love of your life, you carefully select the venue, curate your guest list, and spend months (if not longer) planning every little detail, so of course, you want to be able to cherish every moment with great wedding photos. Get access to more photos from your wedding and fun moments that you may have missed during all the action, with these tips on how to capture better pictures with your wedding photo booth.


Before guests can start snapping photos at your wedding photo booth they need to be able to find it. Make it easy to locate by dedicating an area to your photo booth in the same room as your reception or a nearby location that your guests will frequent. While your wedding photo booth should draw attention and be large enough for a small group to take pictures together, creating an area that is somewhat enclosed or covered will give your guests enough privacy to feel comfortable striking their most creative poses.

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In the day and age of selfie museums, it’s easy to recognize the difference a good backdrop can make in the quality of your wedding photo booth photos. With so many options for premade or DIY backdrops, the options are limitless, allowing you to pick something incredibly fun to pose in front of that matches your wedding theme. If you are looking for simple DIY options that can be crafted with little material consider a paper chain backdrop, a balloon wall, or a floating confetti backdrop using clear string or fishing line. Or you can get creative by heading to the store and picking up supplies like ribbons, tinsel curtains, banners, or even a chalkboard for custom phrases.

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Although lighting such as twinkle lights or neon signs can be used to supplement or even create the backdrop of your wedding photo booth, lighting also serves a much more functional purpose and is the key to capturing better pictures. Aside from scaring away the shadows that improper lighting can cast on your guests’ faces, lighting is also one of the best ways to create a particular atmosphere or mood. If you are having an outdoor wedding or hosting at a venue with plenty of natural sunlight then a little strategic positioning should do the trick, but if not, studio lighting or daylight bulbs that mimic natural lighting also work great!

A Bride And Her Guests Taking Selfies With Their Homemade Wedding Photo Booth.


Lights, camera, action! Get your guests into full character by providing a wardrobe change in the form of fun props! Make a date out of searching for props to use at your wedding photo booth by visiting your local thrift store and searching for hidden gems such as signs, masks, hats, wigs, oversized jewelry, and other fun accessories.

A Diy Wedding Sign Displaying Their Wedding Hashtag.


Besides a fun form of entertainment, your wedding photo booth is a way for you to capture photos from moments you may not have had a chance to be a part of. Make sure you have access to all the photos your guests snapped throughout the night by providing unique wedding hashtags in an easy to view (aka blatantly obvious) location at your wedding photo booth. Since many of your guests will be using their personal phones to take pictures, asking them to share on social media using your hashtags is the only way you’ll be able to look back and enjoy them.


Planning your wedding with a more vintage feel? Rather than a traditional wedding photo booth, polaroids can be a great alternative. The prints themselves can be used to create a unique wedding guest book by having your guests write a message to the bride and groom and collecting them at the end of the night. Or if you want the polaroid look without the unfortunate quality of a polaroid print, save yourself the need to buy a bunch of film and get an oversized polaroid frame for guests to use as a prop!

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All the incredible memories from your wedding day are memories you will want to have for the rest of your lives to reminisce upon, and eventually, share with your future family. Capture all the smiling faces and personalities of your guests who contributed to making your day so special these tips on how to capture better photos with your wedding photo booth. Need help planning your reception? Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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