Top 6 Confident Poses to Make Any Wedding Party Stand Out

At Yours Truly Media, our wedding videographers know that choosing your wedding party means something different for everyone. Whether you are suddenly required to include siblings on each side, or already know who is going to make the list, our Forever Couples go to great lengths to make their day — and the people standing next to them while they take their vows — perfect expressions of their love story.

Those decisions are going to transcend everyone’s role in planning engagement parties and pre-wedding festivities, and live on through wedding videography, so instilling confidence will go a long way for the cameras.

Here are six ways to boost the confidence of those you love, so they can stand out as the power wedding party you proudly handpicked.

Before the Poses: Build a Solid Foundation.

Any pose, no matter how brilliantly planned, crumbles without the solid foundation of good posture.

Great posture goes a long way in making any wedding party look happier, healthier, fitter, and more confident.

The wedding videographer is capturing motion, which rarely allows for stop and shoot photographs, which means you must remind yourself — or ask your fellow wedding party members to remind you — to stand up straight.

1. The Strong, Dignified Pose.

Strong Defined Pose Scaled 1

You are dressed up and ready to take center stage alongside the bride and groom.

Now, all you need is a strong and dignified pose that is easy to accomplish, and even easier to assert at a moment’s notice.

Place your chin forward, not up or down, stand up straight, and turn your gaze and body purposefully away from the camera to exude quiet confidence.  

2. The Prop Pose 

Prop Pose2 Scaled 1

Nothing says we are in this love together like adding a prop that reflects the bride and groom’s style. Some choose sunglasses or your bouquets. Others, a glass of champagne. Keep this pose fun and centered around the bride and groom. This is not the time to showcase your identity, but to follow their lead confidently and supportively.  

3. The Holding Hand Pose

Hand Holding Scaled 1

With the bride and groom in the middle, the wedding party lines up — alternating bridesmaids and groomsmen — a few feet apart, so they are comfortable reaching out (not falling over) to hold hands. This provides an exceptional look at everyone’s wedding attire and allows the confidence of the wedding party’s connection to shine through.

4. The Pair Up Pose  

Pair Up Scaled 1

If you have a matching number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, partner them up for a group shot that shows the contrast of each side of the aisle. The image does not have to be intimate, but one where each set of twos can display their confidence and personality with the bridesmaid playfully leaning on the groomsman, or vice versa.

5. The First Look with Onlookers Pose 

Onlooker Scaled 1

Should the bride and groom choose to do a first look, the wedding party can be included in the background, with the real excitement and anticipation of these two seeing each other for the first time today that makes everyone confident in being a part of what this day is all about.

6. The This-Is-Why-We-Picked-You Friendship Pose 

Tiwwpy Scaled 1

The best way to boost the confidence of your wedding party is to remind them that they are your wedding party for a reason — because they belong here, with you, right now. These intimate photos often highlight the relationships between the people in the shot. This means capturing genuine connections with one another. Is it a shared cheers? A secret signal? A subtle stance? Only the bride, groom, and wedding party know, which creates a memorable shot that makes your hearts smile.  

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