5 Accessories That Will Keep You Warm & Fashionable For Your Fall Wedding


5 Accessories That Will Keep You Warm & Fashionable For Your Fall Wedding

One of the most picture-perfect seasons for hosting a wedding also happens to have some of the most unpredictable weather. The temperate climate of fall can easily slip into winter temperatures, which can be worrying for a bride planning an autumn wedding. If the cold has you questioning whether a fall wedding is right for you, get inspired by these 5 accessories that will keep you warm and fashionable for your fall wedding day!


Closed Toe Boots

Getting cold feet on your wedding day is a bride’s worst nightmare. Keep the bad omens at bay and allow yourself to focus on the most exciting parts of your wedding with stylish fall footwear. Non-traditional footwear can have a dramatic impact on your wedding photos, giving a seemingly traditional dress a modern edge. One of our favorite options for spicing up your footwear is closed-toe boots. Options such as Freebird by Steven are classy, functional, and have a variety of options to suit your personal preferences as well as your wedding dress.


Flat Brim Hat

One of the most versatile bridal accessories to pair with your wedding dress is a flat brim hat. Whether you want to complement the formal aspects of your dress or create an air of casualness, a stylish hat like those offered by Gigi Pip can add an unexpected element to your attire. Neutral colors such as oatmeal or beige go great with a wide variety of dresses and are easy to incorporate into your daily wear. Or if you really want to get into the fall spirit, consider the addition of a removable leather band in cognac or camel.



Some of the most common wedding dress designs often leave your shoulders, chest, or back exposed, so even if you opt for a dress with heavier fabric, the exposure to the outdoor elements can still leave you shaking in your fashionable closed-toe boots. Instead of compromising on your dream dress in favor of something warm, let your accessories do the heavy lifting for you by complementing your dress with a shawl or bolero. Quality fabrics like cashmere or wool in a rust color will fit your surroundings in terms of both warmth and design.


Denim Jacket

Unless temperatures are frigidly cold, jackets rarely enter the discussion as few brides want to cover up a dress they spent months shopping for. However, rather than simply covering your dress, denim jackets are one of the few options that can actually enhance your wedding dress, adding the perfect amount of edge to your attire. Jean jackets may feel like a blast from the past but their resurgence into the bridal scene is in no small part due to their versatility. With options for custom stitching of cute phrases, you can include your bridesmaids in the fun, or you can reserve matching jackets for the bride and groom, which can even be used as cute decorations on the chairs of your sweetheart table.


Bridal Gloves

The most vulnerable part of your body in regards to the cold is also one of the most important of the day. To keep your fingers shielded from the cold and protected for the ring exchange, a pair of bridal gloves can be the perfect accessory. If you are going for a timeless formal look, you can’t go wrong with satin gloves, or if you would like a little more protection from the weather, you can find debutante gloves in beautiful shades of white.


Perfectly Prepared For Fall

If you’ve been dreaming of a fall wedding then don’t let the weather stand in your way. Fall weather may be unpredictable, but by shifting your perception, you can use any drop in temperature to your advantage with incredible accessories that are a Cinderella fit only for fall.



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