5 Fun Ideas For Your Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Wedding Cocktail Hour Entertainment - Wedding Reception Photography

5 Fun Ideas For Your Cocktail Hour Entertainment

Immediately after your wedding ceremony, your adrenaline is pumping and your heart is full of love as you take in the reality that you’re now newlyweds! During a day as full of excitement as your wedding day, time ceases to exist. For your guests on the other hand, time is still operating at an everyday pace. During a post-ceremony photo shoot, your guests who are excitedly awaiting the bride and groom, are reliant upon you as the host to provide their cocktail hour entertainment. Keep the energy high and your guests enjoying the celebration with these 5 entertaining things to do during your cocktail hour.

Wedding Cocktail Hour Entertainment - Wedding Reception Guest Photos

Photo Booth

Everyone is dressed up in their best formal wear, they’ve fixed their hair, done their make-up and are more ready than ever for pictures! With picture-perfect formal wear and an occasion that brings together relatives and friends who may rarely have the chance to see each other, photos can be a special way to commemorate the day, enjoy the cocktail entertainment as a group, and leave with wedding favors they can cherish for years.

Wedding Cocktail Hour Entertainment - Slideshow Of The Couple - Wedding Video


The fond memories of your youth and those you share as a couple are moments that most of your family and friends have never had a chance to witness. Creating a slideshow or video with clips of your favorite memories can help your guests feel more connected and a part of your relationship. Giving your loved ones the chance to share in all the precious moments they missed will make them even more excited to be a part of your ongoing journey as husband and wife.

Wedding Games

For thousands of years, people have created games to keep themselves entertained, and today the tradition still holds strong. Since this is your wedding night, having a few wedding themed games your guests can enjoy will be just as fitting as is it is fun for your cocktail hour entertainment. Games such bride and groom trivia or wedding mad libs can be tailored to your relationship, and are things every one of your guests can participate in. Not only are they great conversation starters, but they create the opportunity for guests to work together and share their creations.

Wedding Cocktail Hour Entertainment - Hors D’oeuvres

Hors d’oeuvres

Food brings people together, and since your cocktail hour entertainment is meant to help your guests to socialize, hor d’oeuvres can be the perfect way to do exactly that without ruining anyone’s appetite for your carefully planned dinner arrangements. All your guests congregating around the food table encourages people to mingle, and with some delicious food in hand and a little conversation, everyone will be energized and excited for the bride and groom to make their grand entrance.

Wedding Cocktail Hour Entertainment - Wedding Band Performers


As well as providing cocktail hour entertainment, performers also provide the opportunity to introduce aspects of your culture that some of your guests may never have experienced. Learning of a culture through its music, dances and other traditions is one of the best ways to build interest and understanding, and can help bring all your guests closer together, especially for brides and grooms with different cultural backgrounds. With the proper consideration of your personal interests, background, as well as the demographics of your guest list, your cocktail hour entertainment can be the perfect start to a night full of love, laughter and deepened relationships.

Wedding Cocktail Hour Entertainment - Champagne

A Cocktail Hour to Remember

There are tons of great ways to keep your guests entertained during cocktail hour, but it’s important to remember that it also serves as a short window for your guests to relax as they prepare for the reception. Providing a few fun options for cocktail hour entertainment, while still allowing your guests to socialize or relax if they choose, will keep everyone satisfied and ready to continue celebrating with the newly married couple. Yours Truly Media is here to help make your special day even more special. Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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