5 Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Guest Book

A Wooden Wedding Guest Book Decorated With Engravings.

5 Unique Ideas For Your Wedding Guest Book

Looking back on your wedding and remembering all the people in your life who joined you to celebrate is what makes your wedding memories so special. A wedding guest book is a great way to document all the guests who attended your big day. As an alternative to traditional wedding guest books that typically end up collecting dust on a shelf, check out these unique ideas for your wedding guest book that you can incorporate in your home décor and enjoy on a regular basis.

Wedding Guests Holding Up Props For A Photo Booth.

Photo Booth  

Rather than trying to decipher the handwriting of all your guests, creating a wedding guest book with photos is the perfect complement to pair with your wedding album. With a few fun props, a photo booth will have a constant stream of guests throughout the night, striking all sorts of unique and creative poses. Take advantage of the entertainment by printing two copies of each print, one for your guests, and one designated for your wedding guest book. Encourage your guests to write a short message on the back of their photo and have a place where they can be collected nearby (a decorative box, bowl, etc.).

Game Night

Are you and your partner game night enthusiasts? Make game nights even more fun by creating a completely unique wedding guest book out of your favorite games! This idea is super versatile and can be created with nearly any game of your choosing. Some of our favorites we’ve seen are couples who had their guests leave messages on Jenga blocks, puzzle pieces, Monopoly boards, and cornhole boards. Figure out what game(s) you play the most, and consider buying a new copy to make it clean and easy for your guests to write on!

Engaged Couple Holding Diy Signs.

Framed Engagement Photo

Do you have a favorite engagement photo you are planning on framing? If you have the space in your home, ordering a canvas print with a large white border can be the perfect place for your guests’ messages. Place your print on a table or easel in a convenient location, and encourage guests to sign the border upon arrival or throughout the night. Try using a fountain pen to create a classic look for your framed photo.

Pro tip: Select the frame ahead of time to ensure guest messages aren’t being covered by the frame.

Wedding Quilt

Be reminded of your wedding on a nightly basis by having your wedding guest book handy every time you cuddle up on the couch. To create a unique wedding guest book out of a decorative quilt, all you need is a fabric marker and the quilt squares of your choosing. Designing and crafting the quilt can be a fun date night to enjoy after your wedding.

Almonds In A Heart-Shaped Container, A Coffee Mug, And A Cookbook On A Quilt.


Is cooking an activity you enjoy as a couple, or are you looking for some motivation to start? Transform a cookbook into a wedding guest book by having your guests leave their messages next to their favorite recipe. Your more experienced guests can even leave pointers to help make your married meals even more delicious. Every time you try a new recipe you’ll be transported back to your wedding night with every bite.

A Bride And Groom Kissing In The Stone Doorway Of An 19Th Century Cathedral.

A Reminder of Your Special Day  

For many couples, their wedding day is one of the best days of their lives. So, why not try to reminisce on it whenever possible? Consider what hobbies you enjoy as a couple, what décor you want to display in your home, and where you think you’d get the most use out of this tradition. By using these tips to create a unique wedding guest book, it will create more smiles and stories to tell over the years!



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