5 Ways To Keep Guests Cool At Your Warm-Weather Wedding

Ways To Keep Guests Cool At Your Warm-Weather Wedding - Bride And Groom Holding Hands While Running Through A Field Of Flowers.

5 Ways To Keep Guests Cool At Your Warm-Weather Wedding

Summer is one of the most popular seasons of the year for weddings. More sunshine and longer days provide plenty of opportunities to have your celebrations outdoors, which in some cases can reduce costs and increase space for activities. However, since summer temperatures can reach dangerous heights, it’s important to keep the safety and comfort of your guests in mind while planning for your big day. Make sure everyone in attendance has the chance to enjoy your celebration with these 5 ways to keep guests cool at your warm-weather wedding!

Ways To Keep Guests Cool At Your Warm-Weather Wedding - A Table Decorated With Flowers And Greenery At An Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Stocked With Refreshments.

A Relief Station

During outdoor events, there will inevitably be a number of people who didn’t come prepared to handle the elements. Be the host whose guests are singing your praises by providing all the necessities to withstand the summer heat. With a few tables and a canopy for some much-needed shade, stock your relief stations with items such as sunscreen, chilled towels, cold beverages, and plenty of ice water! Not only will this make all your guests more comfortable in the warm weather, but it can also be a literal life-saver for older guests.

Program Fans

Inform your guests with style and functionality with program fans! With tons of options for customized designs or pre-made templates, guests will be well-prepared for the day’s events with stylish programs that serve double duty in keeping them informed and cool at your warm-weather wedding.

Ways To Keep Guests Cool At Your Warm-Weather Wedding - Bride At Her Outdoor Reception Dancing Solo Under A Darkening Sky.

A Summer Dress Code

Although a suit and tie or a full-length dress may protect your skin from sunburn, it is also a surefire way to overheat. Not to mention the issue of sweating through your best set of clothes! Instead of a traditional dress code, consider a more relaxed atmosphere that welcomes khaki shorts, polos, and sundresses. When your guests are better equipped for the warm weather, they will have more energy and focus to direct towards the happy bride and groom on their wedding day!

Ways To Keep Guests Cool At Your Warm-Weather Wedding - Aerial Shot Of A Beachfront Wedding Ceremony.

An Evening Event

Temperatures fluctuate significantly throughout the day, and just a few hours can be the difference between uncomfortably hot and wonderfully warm weather. If your schedule allows, consider starting your outdoor events once the sun begins to descend from its peak, so you can still enjoy the summer sky while keeping your guests cool and well protected. Summer evenings are filled with wonderful scents, songs of nature, and summer breezes, which more than makes up for the waning summer sunlight.


When the summer sun is beating down on you, there are few things as welcoming as a bit of shade. Even if your wedding location doesn’t have an abundance of natural shade, you can provide your own in a way that will create stunning photo opportunities with colored parasols that match your wedding theme. Leave the color-coordinated parasols on each seat and allow your guests to enjoy your warm-weather wedding in style while remaining cool and shielded from the elements.

Ways To Keep Guests Cool At Your Warm-Weather Wedding - Evening Photograph Of A Bride And Groom In Front Of Their Venue With A Spotlight Shining On Them As The Groom Dips The Bride For A Kiss.

Bask in the Summer Sun

As with any season, there are certain precautions to take that will help your day run smoothly from start to finish. If a summer wedding is your dream then don’t let the heat persuade you to change dates or locations. Follow these 5 tips and by the time your wedding day arrives, you’ll be fully prepared to bask in the summer sun while your guests stay cool and comfortable during your warm-weather wedding!



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