5 Things To Consider When Involving Your Pet In Your Wedding


Now more than ever, couples are swapping diapers for doggy bags and including their beloved psuedo-child in normal, everyday human activities, specifically their wedding day (but can you really blame them?!). Giving a four-legged friend an exclusive invite to watch their humans make things “official” has become an increasingly popular trend among couples, but before formally extending the invite, there are a few things every pup-parent should keep in mind — hear us out.

Confirm With Your Venue

One of the easiest steps to overlook when thinking about involving your pet in your nuptials is taking it up with your host. Unfortunately, nobody will be more unaccepting of a precious pet appearance on your wedding day than your venue if furry folk are banned from barking up the premises. You’ll save yourself a world of wedding day stress by going over your venue’s restrictions beforehand.

Should your venue welcome all animals with open paws, be sure to leave out a bowl of water and have snacks readily available, you know, in case your pup gets winded from all the dancing and tail-chasing.

Inform Your Photographer

If your Pinterest board is overflowing with adorable wedding photos featuring couples and their pets, you’re not alone. That said, in order for your photographer to work their magic, give them a heads up, so they’re able to get inspired and prepare for some sweet shots. It also wouldn’t hurt to let them know of any specific commands, rowdy or unusual pet behavior, just in case!


Secure Their Role

Whether a mutt-of-honor, ring retriever, or simply a furry photo prop, know your pet’s role prior to walking down the aisle. This tip is very important for everyone involved in the planning process, including your coordinator, so there are no surprises or complications come wedding day.

Faux-Paw Fashion

There aren’t many things in this world cuter than a pup rocking a bow tie collar, and that’s just a fact. While a dapper accessory makes for the perfect family portrait, make sure your pet is comfortable (AKA not scratching at its collar or rolling on the ground in attempt to break free from a pup tux). Simple suggestions include a bow tie or mini flower corsage attached to the collar.

Book a Sitter (No, Seriously)

Let’s be real — the second the DJ plays ‘that one song that reminds you of high school’, you will suddenly lose track of any and all responsibilities for the duration of your night. Securing a pet sitter to watch over and pick up after your precious pooch while you mingle with friends and family will save you and your new spouse the hassle of paying all your attention on anything besides, say, a DJ Khaled or Lil Jon Greatest Hits playlist.

Don’t get us wrong — including your pet in your wedding can be a very enjoyable experience for you and your guests, but with these quick tips, you’ll be smooth sailing during your entire wedding day… just don’t forget to send us a holiday card later on!

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