How To Make Your In-Laws Feel Included In Your Wedding

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How To Make Your In-Laws Feel Included In Your Wedding

Your wedding day, while heavily focused on the bride and groom, has a profound impact on your families as well, particularly your parents. Marriage brings together what was once two separate families and binds them together as one. Show your in-laws how much you value the official union of your families with some of our favorite tips on how to make your in-laws feel included in your wedding.

Utilize Their Interests and Expertise

Your in-laws each have individual skills and interests that they have cultivated over the years. After sitting down with your in-laws to find out more about their skills and passions, brainstorm a few ideas of how to incorporate their area of expertise to create something special for your wedding day. Just the act of showing an interest in their passions can grow your relationship and lead to new discoveries about your in-laws that you can share for years. If you worry about being too broad, consider creating a list of things you could use help with and use your newfound knowledge to select items together that suit their skills.

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Include Important Traditions

Each family has their own traditions which are represented in different ways. If you and your spouse have different cultural or religious backgrounds, your idea of a traditional wedding ceremony can look very different. This doesn’t mean you have to drastically change your wedding. Instead, do some research and talk to your in-laws to learn some of the traditions that mean the most to them to see how these ideas can be incorporated into your wedding plans. Your willingness to blend cultures on your wedding day will go a long way in showing how much you value their cultural background and opinion.

Wedding Gifts

There a few ways better to express your appreciation than a well thought out gift. When choosing a gift try to select something relevant to your relationship by thinking of the interests you share with them, or an item or event they showed interest in while you were together. When you give them your token of appreciation on your big day, you’ll be acknowledging their roles in your wedding and your lives, as well as expressing your excitement to grow your relationship.

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Pinterest Pals

A great way to get your in-laws involved in the creative part of the wedding planning process is by adding them as collaborators to your wedding Pinterest boards. As you all pin your favorite photos and ideas you can look for similarities and generate ideas of how they can be incorporated in your wedding. Pinterest boards will give you a visual representation of their expectations, highlight where compromises can be made, and will it make it more fun to talk about your wedding plans together. The final decisions are still yours to make, but your in-laws will have the opportunity to express their ideas, which could end up yielding a few unexpected gems.

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A DIY Date  

Planning some DIY projects for your wedding? Recruit your in-laws for a DIY date to get started and kill two birds with one stone. Be a gracious host by making one of your favorite recipes, uncorking a nice bottle of wine and really making them feel welcome. While you put a dent in your DIY projects, discuss your wedding plans and the things your most excited about. Doing so will make them feel in the loop while giving them a chance to voice their opinions. When your wedding day arrives and they see results of your DIY date in action it will ignite insider memories only you share.

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Express Your Appreciation   

Becoming a part of their family and the commitment you make to their child on your wedding day marks a significant moment in your in-law’s lives. Express your appreciation and start your new relationship off on the right foot by getting your in-laws involved and making them feel included in your wedding.  Yours Truly Media is here to help make your special day even more special. Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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