Should I Combine My Wedding Photography and Videography Services?

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Should I Combine My Wedding Photography and Videography Services?

At Yours Truly Media, we believe in the power of photography. It captures emotions that run so fantastically deep that they must be frozen in time and shared with the world.

The images we capture tell your story, and the only thing that brings vivid movement to those moments is the evolution of wedding videography. 

When engaged couples begin searching for wedding photographers, they often wonder if they should combine their wedding photography and videography services. 

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is absolutely. 

Here are three simple reasons why. 

Reason One: Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Services Should Complement Each Other – Not Compete Against One Another. 

Our expert team of wedding photographers and wedding videographers are exactly that: a team. 

That means, together, we outline your wedding event using a long lens. 

We stay out of each other’s way and focus on the style we have discussed with our Forever Couples.

We plan for every detail, each shot, every movement, and each possible scenario using a tandem approach that allows one photographer who is capturing the unbridled emotion and joy to remain invisible while another is procuring footage of the sweeping view. 

We are not saying that hiring two different services for wedding photography and wedding videography is going to ruin the result. But it may provide competing angles that do not represent the cohesiveness you envisioned. 

We believe in capturing the soul of your wedding through both a still and moving lens, so the pulse of the event is fluid, rhythmic, and absolutely gorgeous — just as our wedding photographer and wedding videographer will plan it together. 

Reason Two: Your Style Is Subjective. 

When you hire two different services for your wedding photography and wedding videography, you must explain your style, and what you want them to capture, twice. 

If we tell two different groups the same thing on two different days, they are going to hear it and interpret it differently. Do you know why? Because they are different. 

When you partner with a media company that provides both wedding photography and videography services, your style will be captured through cohesively shot imagery that reflects the awe-inspiring event better than you envisioned it for decades to come. 

Reason Three: Combined Services are Priced as a Package

Partnering with a wedding photographer and wedding videographer from the same company will usually result in a combined service package discount. 

Planning a wedding is fraught with expenses you probably never dreamed of, so any type of savings offers a welcomed change of pace. 

Combining these services will not only be less expensive, but when contracted with Yours Truly Media, they will be handled by the same project manager who will outline how each moment of your wedding event is captured, so our talented teams of wedding photographers and wedding videographers can combine their creativity to secure its complete brilliance. 

Contact Yours Truly Media today to learn more about our experience, services, and exceptional attention to detail when combining your wedding photography and videography services. 



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