Tips For Creating The PERFECT Wedding Vows

A Bride Reading Her Personalized Wedding Vows During The Ceremony.

Tips For Creating The PERFECT Wedding Vows

Your wedding day is a special occasion in so many ways. Alongside being a celebration of your love and relationship, it’s a ritual signifying the lifelong commitment you are making to your significant other. One of the most heartfelt moments of the day, that represents this sentiment best, are the wedding vows. Having heard vows from countless couples, we are sharing our top tips for crafting personalized wedding vows that will help you form the perfect words for your big day.

A Bride Crying As The Groom Reads Her His Personalized Wedding Vows.

Honesty is the Best Policy  

They say honesty is the best policy in any relationship, and from our experience, the same holds true when it comes to your wedding vows. Many couples feel the necessity to paint a perfect picture of their relationship, which can come across as superficial.

Although you will, of course, want to include some of your best moments as a couple, don’t shy away from the struggles you have overcome together. These are often the moments that have strengthened your relationship the most and have a significant emotional attachment to each of you. By being honest about your relationship, the ups and the downs, you paint a picture that genuinely reflects the commitment you share to stand by each other’s side and grow your relationship, no matter what obstacles the future may hold.

A Groom In A Black Tuxedo Smiling As His Bride Reads Him Her Personalized Wedding Vows.

Vows that Reflect Your Relationship  

When people think of personalized wedding vows, the first word that typically comes to mind is romantic. This can be stressful for some people whose personalities make them uncomfortable with the idea of sharing lovey-dovey vows in front of a crowd. If the romantic approach isn’t your style, no worries! Personalized wedding vows don’t need to be romantic in order to make a meaningful impact on your partner and your guests.

Is laughter a more meaningful part of your relationship than romantics? Does your partner love you for the words of encouragement and inspiration you share in difficult times? Whatever aspects of your relationship hold the most significance to you should be present in your wedding vows. This will help them feel more genuine and will elicit a more authentic emotional response than vows that hold little meaning to your unique relationship.

A Groom Dipping His New Wife In A Theatrical Kiss The Bride.

Find Inspiration Down Memory Lane

Your personalized wedding vows are a way to revisit the story of your relationship, and the experiences you’ve shared together that have brought you where you are today; the altar! By taking a trip down memory lane and revisiting some of the special moments you’ve shared, it can serve as inspiration in writing your wedding vows.

When you have some alone time, enjoy a blast from the blast by looking at pictures from when you first started dating, love letters, or mementos you saved from previous dates. Even listening to songs you both love or putting on a movie you snuggled up on the couch to watch can spark powerful emotions and help you remember, in greater detail, all the things that made you fall in love.

The Power of Lists

One of the most difficult things for couples writing their own vows is knowing where to begin. Rather than attempting to create the perfect vows from scratch, start by creating a list and eventually narrowing it down to items that in your opinion deserve to make the final cut. A great place to start your list is with special memories, promises you have made to each other that serve as the foundation for your relationship, things about your partner that make you smile, difficult times you have overcome as a couple or anything else that holds a special place in your heart. By letting your thoughts flow freely and jotting down anything that comes to mind, you’ll have plenty of content to work with that can be formatted into personalized wedding vows.

A Bride And Groom Lifting Their Arms Hand-In-Hand In Celebration As They Exit Their Ceremony.

A Commitment to Your Marriage

At the end of the day, it’s important to remember that the purpose of your wedding vows is to verbalize your love of your partner and your commitment to your marriage. Speak from the heart, be true to yourself and your relationship, and your personalized vows will leave an impact that serves to strengthen your marriage, and put on full display all the love you have for your partner. Yours Truly Media is here to help make your special day even more special. Contact us to learn more about the packages we offer.



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