Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2021

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It will come as no surprise that as the Coronavirus pandemic raged across the U.S. (and the rest of the world) last year, 2020 turned the wedding industry on its head and spun it around until it was dizzy.

According to the wedding report, 21% of couples postponed their early 2020 weddings to later in the year (and probably had to move them again); 41.5% moved their weddings from 2020 to 2021, and sadly, 7% canceled their weddings altogether (just the ceremonies, hopefully).

Although we are starting to rebound from an unprecedented year in nearly every industry, wedding trends are moving in directions that include truncated guest lists, at-home comfort, romantic outdoor I Dos, glammed up plans at city hall, and surprisingly welcomed technology.

Here are the top five wedding trends for 2021.

Trend One: The Micro Wedding

Micro weddings were forced onto the scene when 2020 wedding dates continued as planned, only with the guest list slashed to fewer than 30 people.

In 2021, scaling the guest list back to just a few family and friends the couple cannot live without is making more and more sense to couples across the county.

These small ceremonies and receptions allow the bride and groom to spend quality time with each and every guest, which is a continuation of the personal time we all grew to value during 2020.

Trend Two: At-Home Weddings

Whether it is your home or one that belongs to a close friend or family member who has plenty of entertainment room, home is where the heart (of a wedding) is in 2021.

An at-home wedding is a beautiful option because it allows you to maintain control of the details and keep everything at your comfort level, so it does not become an overwhelming coordination task. It also allows both the bride and groom to include details that are important to each personally and together.

Trend Three: Romantic Garden Weddings

There is nothing more romantic than a garden wedding. And when it behooves everyone to be outside, in the fresh air, to avoid too many people congregating in a closed, potentially health code violating space, gardens provide the beauty and the brains that can make any wedding enchanting.

Chic City Hall Nuptials

For many, 2020 caused irreversible wedding plan cancellations. And for those who were looking forward to 2021, only to see their wedding plans become altered outside of their control, “Chic” city hall weddings have become all the rage.

Think high fashion on the courthouse steps, speedy “I Dos” and incredible private dinners that follow. Whether it is just the two of you marching to city hall in uniquely chosen wedding garb, or if it is step one that is followed by an intimate backyard party later in the day, courthouse weddings are here to stay through 2021.

Weddings that are Married to Technology

Let’s face it. Not everyone is comfortable with traveling to your wedding, no matter how small or where it takes place, which means technology may play a larger role in your wedding than you ever imagined it would.

Whether it is a live stream of the ceremony or a Zoom call to say you are officially married, technology is going to play a huge role in the one place you never expected it – at a wedding.

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