The Top 15 Moments To Capture in Your Wedding Video

Bride Going Down Wedding Dress

Here are 15 of the most important moments we are certain to capture in their purest forms. 

The First Five Wedding Video Moments: The Pre-Ceremony Developments

Some of the most exciting moments are taking place behind the scenes at every wedding event, and our experienced wedding videographer will be sure to capture them brilliantly, including the top five action scenes before the ceremony kicks off. 

They include the:

  • Couple and their wedding parties getting ready
  • Exterior and interior shots of the ceremony venue
  • Landscapes and details around the venue 
  • Guests arriving at the ceremony venue
  • Bridal party arriving at the ceremony venue

The Next Five Wedding Video Moments: The Ceremony

It is time to turn these two amazing people into an official married couple, and our wedding videographer is not going to miss a single second of one of the most important events of your life. 

They include the:

  • Guests arriving and taking their seats
  • Bridal parties walking down the aisle, including the groom waiting at the altar
  • Processional 
  • Vows, the rings exchange, and the first kiss
  • Recessional

The joy that is captured during the ceremony is so incredibly special and will be highlighted beautifully, so you can see your love come to life each time you watch the final video. 

The Final Five Wedding Video Moments: The Party

Our experienced wedding videographers know that the reception is their time to shine, because there are so many moving parts to the celebration that they must be on their game. 

Challenge accepted. 

We will capture each exciting part of your reception, including the:

  • Exterior and interior of the reception venue, décor, table settings, menu, meal and bar
  • Guests at the cocktail hour and the introduction of the bridal party
  • First dance, the bridal party dances, parent dances, and guests dancing
  • Blessing, toasts and cake cutting
  • Last dance and exiting the venue 

With so many people moving about and an unlimited amount of footage to capture throughout your wedding event, our wedding videographers are not only confident in our skills to record each important moment, but we pride ourselves in capturing tangible memories through the art of movement. 

These are moments you can relive over and over, like a dance with your grandfather, or your grandmother’s incredible style and grace. 

Our post-production processes tie each piece together effortlessly, so it appears as though we were following the action around all night, while simultaneously remaining focused on the bride and groom for the duration of their wedding event. 

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