What Goes Into a Wedding Video?

Bride And Groom Near The Water

What Goes Into a Wedding Video?

Part of what makes a great wedding videographer is their knowledge of cinematography. 

Cinematography is the art of motion-picture photography and filming, which will enhance what goes into a wedding video using powerful footage. 

We believe wedding videography should do more than tell your love story. It should illuminate it by gathering each piece of your wedding event and combining it into one flawless video you can share fully with the people you love or in parts on social media. 

After all, the secret formula to what goes into a wedding video isn’t a thing: It’s you.  

That is why it is so important to capture the unique personality of each of our Forever Couples in motion. So, they can enjoy every moment of their wedding again and again, frame by frame. 

Ask Your Wedding Videographer About Their Recording Strategy for Your Wedding Event

While your wedding event is unique to your style and characteristics, the venue and size are two very important components that must be considered when outlining your customized wedding videography strategy. 

Ask your wedding videographer to compile a cinematographic plan and agenda and beware of a checklist that is printed off as a template. 

Your wedding event is your one-of-a-kind cinematic debut. The chance to star in a film, fully centered around you and your spouse’s commitment to one another. This is your love story coming to life. Not a checklist.  

Examine the Important Points of the Strategy to Enhance the Videographer’s Focus

Feedback is important in any profession and that rings true for wedding videographers too. 

We will provide a strategy of how your wedding event will unfold from behind our lens, long before you walk down the aisle. And we want to know how you feel about each detail. 

Typically, that includes some or all the following components:

  • Wedding party preparations, including the happy couple enjoying their respective support groups
  • Exterior shots of the wedding venue
  • Landscapes around the venue, including focused vignettes of what makes the venue perfect for your wedding event 
  • Interior shots of the wedding venue
  • Decorations, including close-ups of important details
  • Bridal parties arriving at the ceremony 
  • Guests arriving at the ceremony, then being escorted down the aisles
  • Musicians performing
  • One side of the wedding party waiting at the alter
  • The other side of the bridal party walking down the aisle
  • Flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s)
  • Processional
  • Vows
  • Exchanging of rings
  • The first kiss
  • Introduction as a married couple
  • Recessional
  • Bride and groom leaving the venue

Since most wedding events continue with a reception, the moving parts can be intertwined seamlessly through skilled editing techniques that flow directly into the natural progression of the first few minutes, and then hours, after saying I do. 

They may include:

  • Exterior of the reception venue
  • Interior of the reception venue
  • Wedding reception decor
  • Table settings
  • Menu, food, and bar
  • Guests at the cocktail hour
  • Introduction of the bridal party
  • First dance of the newly married couple
  • Bridal party dances
  • Parent, grandparent, other family members dancing
  • Guests dancing
  • Blessing/culturally significant invocation
  • Toasts
  • Cake cutting
  • Saying goodnight
  • Exiting the venue

At Yours Truly Media, our wedding videographers fully understand that the details that are important to one couple may be insignificant to another, which allows our strong communication skills and vivid creativity to bring your love story to life. 

Contact us today to learn why we never view any of our wedding videography partnerships as a checklist. Because what is important to you is important to us. 



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